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Chapter 230 is titled "Find the South Bird!!"

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Animal Theater: Sanji takes a day off with a comfortable bed, fine wine, and three faithful dogs.

Short Summary

Following the description of Noland's log, the Straw Hat Pirates hunt for a South Bird, which is apparently able to always face south, even in the magnetic fields of the Grand Line. Back at Cricket's house, the Bellamy Pirates arrives, searching for gold.

Long Summary

The chapter begins with Cricket acting out Noland's words on his logbook and everyone happily listening while eating. Cricket shows the Straw Hat Pirates his gold he found after searching for months. He stated that he has 3 of the same bell-shaped ingots, and tells Masira to show the Straw Hats the South Bird shaped gold. As the Saruyama Alliance explain what the South Bird is, they notices all the sudden that they forgot to tell the Straw Hats to go get a South Bird and panic. The Straw Hats ask why they would need a bird and Cricket explains that in order to get to where the Knock Up Stream will appear, they have to have a South Bird who always points south since the Knock Up Stream is south from where they are, and since it is in the middle of the sea, no Log Pose would work. Cricket tells the Straw Hats to hurry up and find one, much to their surprise.

The Straw Hats split up into teams with bug nets in the dark. They know what the South Bird was right away by hearing the "strange voice" Noland talked about in his logbook. The Sanji/Nami/Usopp team searched and encounters with many bugs to Nami and Sanji's horror, although Usopp did not mind them much. The Robin/Zoro team destroys any huge bug that gets in their way, and do not seem to get along well. The Luffy/Chopper team find rare beetles and are having a good time until the South Bird drops a bee's nest next to them, making them have to dash full speed as the hornets from inside chased them. Chopper notices that the South Bird is doing all of this and tells Luffy. Back at Cricket's house, the Saruyama Alliance encounters the Bellamy Pirates who came to steal their gold.

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