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Chapter 241 is titled "Heaven's Judgment".

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Color Spread: "Yo-ho!"

The Straw Hat Pirates have gone rock-climbing. While Luffy, Nami, and Usopp take note of a large bird (Nami feeding it, Usopp trying to sketch it with a fiercer expression), and Chopper and Robin enjoy their drinks, Zoro and Sanji straggle behind.

Short Summary

Nami, on the outskirts of Upper Yard, is a witness to the priests' competition and God's might. While back at Angel Beach, the rest of the crew warrant some unwanted attention from the White Berets.

Long Summary

Luffy is very much intrigued by the forbidden place, where God resides. While the Straw Hat Pirates eat the dinner their hosts offered, they realize that Luffy will go on that place, one way or another, but first they decide to go find Nami. Pagaya offers to take a look at their waver since he is a dial boat technician.

Meanwhile, Nami has reached a piece of land with huge trees, when she hears a noise. Fearing this place could be dangerous, she is about to turn away, when she senses someone behind her. Suddenly, a man comes running desperately out of the forest, chased by another man and his giant dog. As the dog is about to attack the running man, another person arrives, riding a bird, and intercepts him. After kicking the dog away, the man tries to attack the escapee himself, but is in turn stopped by yet another pursuer. Seeing the ruckus, the man, standing behind Nami, shoots with his bazooka straight towards the four men, causing a huge explosion. Once the smoke clears, the desperate man notices Nami and begs her to take him on her boat and help him escape, offering anything in return. Before he manages to finish his plea though, he gets struck by, what seems to be, a lightning strike. The man with the bazooka wonders if that was caused by Enel and decides to retreat.

The three pursuers, joined by a fourth man, seem to be actually allies, as they are seen discussing casually about the incident. The fourth man informs the rest that seven illegal trespassers from the blue sea, have recently entered their territory. Nami is eavesdropping the discussion and, realizing the trespassers are none others than herself and her crew mates, she fears that the same fate might be awaiting them, too.

Back on Angel Beach, the police force of Skypiea, the White Berets arrive, lead by Captain McKinley, to investigate the illegal trespassing incident. When they arrive at the shore, they notice a ship. Luffy, who was working, along with Pagaya, on the Waver, sees them and wonders who they are.

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