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Chapter 287 is titled "God Killing".

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Color Spread: "It's Hot In Here."

On an already-broiling summer day, Sanji sets up a seafood ramen stand and serves the other Straw Hat Pirates and some boars.

Short Summary

The famous explorer Mont Blanc Noland voyages to Jaya and discovers that its people are plagued with Tree Fever. The villagers try to sacrifice Mousse, but Noland intervenes to saver her, slaying Kashigami. Noland and Kalgara meet for the first time.

Long Summary

Two years into his voyage in the Grand Line, Mont Blanc Noland logs his crew's travels during a fierce storm. He tells his crew to dock at the nearby island because he heard the sound of a bell in the roaring thunder. Meanwhile on the island of Jaya, the populace is dying off one by one due to a disease present on the island. The ill priest on his deathbed exclaims that the only way to appease the gods and lift the curse on the island is by offering the most beautiful woman on Jaya as a sacrifice. A silhouette of a young woman is shown as she sits mending clothes. The priest passes away, and the surviving villagers become distressed and discuss what they can do. One of them notices a blotch on a young man's arm, and Seto runs out of the building screaming. Someone tries to follow him but is told that once the mark of the evil spirit appears, it is too late.

Seto runs into the woods, and he gashes his forearm with a rock and pleads for the blotch to go away. The scene cuts back to the the young woman shown in full, who says that she is glad to offer herself as a sacrifice. Her mother cries and Mousse tries to comfort her by saying that she would give her life to help the villagers. The two embrace as Mousse thanks Herb for raising her. Back in the forest, Kalgara appears before Seto after a hunt, and the young man cries to him about wanting to be a strong warrior and not wanting to die.

Noland and his crew arrive on Jaya, and they tease him for saying he heard a bell when none of them could. They see South Birds fly by and continue to tease their captain until the bell rings loudly for all to hear. Noland approaches the forest and notices Seto who tries to run away at the sight of invaders. He falls from weakness, and the ship's doctor identifies his ailment as Tree Fever. Noland orders the doctor to vaccinate the entire crew with Conine. They walk through the natives' village and find it empty, and Noland demands an answer from Seto. The people gathered at the Sacrificial Altar, and they begin their ceremony, tying Mousse down and offering her blood to the Kami. Herb cries out for her daughter, and the giant snake appears from out of the water.

Kashigami lunges at Mousse to eat her while the villagers watch, but something falls in the water. All of a sudden, Noland appears on the platform and slices off the giant snake's head, killing it. The villagers scream in horror and demand that Noland and Mousse both be killed. Noland tells Mousse that she does not need to die now as the young woman clutches to him crying, and Kalgara stares intensely at the intruder.

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