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Chapter 301 is titled "I Was Here".

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Volume: 32 Pg.: 107

Ace's Great Blackbeard Search Vol. 26: "The Food Catering Marine Ship Came to Buy Milk".

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The Straw Hat Pirates try to steal the gold and treasure from the ruins of Shandora. Robin is with the Shandia, who recently found the Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell. The bell is revealed to have a poneglyph in it. Robin deciphers the poneglyph and explains how the poneglyphs are connected. She also finds out that the Shandia's battle for the protection of the bell has long been won and that Gol D. Roger knew how to read Poneglyphs. Robin then arrives with the Shandia and the Straw Hats think they are chasing after them so they make a run for it. The Shandia are confused as to why the Straw Hats would want to run away and not want to take their offering of a gold pillar. Robin laughs and says that it's possible that they don't want the it anymore. The Straw Hats continue running away.

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Luffy wakes up Nami with a whisper and tells her to help him steal all the gold and run away. Nami talks loudly and everyone starts to shout. Everyone wakes up. Meanwhile, Robin, who is with the Shandia, hears that they have found the Golden Belfry  Bell. Robin is happy that the Shandora Poneglyph is finally in her reach. The Shandorians are trying to pull up the giant beanstalk but they don't have enough strength. Meanwhile, Usopp told one of the Skypieans that 90% of the damage that caused the beanstalk to fall was because of the Usopp Special Rubber Band, and they trade a bunch of dials for it. Usopp is overjoyed now that he has so many dials and wants to upgrade Nami's Clima-Tact. Usopp asks Zoro where Luffy and the others are and Zoro tells him that he doesn't know. Usopp comments that the snake sleeps a lot, and Zoro says that it is dangerous when it wakes up. Usopp replies that Nola doesn't seem harmless, but Zoro says that she is. Usopp repeats the sentence, and Zoro yells at him that he didn't see Nola when she is awake. Usopp laughs and shows him the Tone Dial that recorded the sentence. Meanwhile, Luffy and the others find a lot of treasure. The scene changes to the Shandorians that have found the Golden Bell. They are impressed by it and are amazed by the Poneglyph. The chief says that he does not know how to decipher it, but it is not important. "We are the recorders of history" Robin says, "Existing in harmony with the sound of the great bell". The chief is surprised that Robin knows these words and Robin says that she read it on a rock in the ruins. Robin proceeds to read the Poneglyph, and finds that there is an Ancient Weapon name Poseidon. She pays attention to the fact that it was named after a god, just like Pluton. Robin says that she does not want to learn about the weapons, but a Shandia points out that there is another piece of writing on the side. It is a message from Gold D. Roger, saying that they came there, read the text and followed the guidance. Robin is shocked that the Pirate King came here, and with that new how to read the Poneglyphs. Gan Fall tells Robin that Roger came there twenty years ago. Robin explains that there are two types of texts, "Tablet of Clues" and "Tablet of Truths" and this one is probably a Tablet of Clues. Remembering what Roger had said, Robin figured out that Roger already found the Tablet of Truth that this tablet was referring to. The shandia chief understands that the wishes of their ancestors had already been fulfilled. The Shandia say that they are willing to give them the broken pillar of the Bell, a gift for defeating Enel. Gan Fall notes that Luffy reminds him of Roger, asking her if they are related. Robin says that his name is Monkey D. Luffy. Gan Fall says that maybe the D. is why they are so similar. Robin replies that it must be another piece of ancient history. The Straw Hats are waiting for Robin and are ready to run. Robin arrives with the Shandia  and the Straw Hats think they are chasing after them and the Shandia wonder why they want to run away. Robin laughs and says they probably just don't want it anymore. The Straw Hats start running away.

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