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Chapter 304 is titled "Adventure on a Long Island".

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Color Spread: "The colors of the rainbow (so pretty in the sky)."

With a wide array of instruments, the Straw Hats hold a concert in the middle of the sea, joined by the Rainbow Moray Eel Brothers.

Short Summary

The Straw Hat Pirates land on the Long Ring Long Land and there they meet Shelly, a tall horse.

Long Summary

The Straw Hat Pirates are sailing away from "Salvage King" Masira Pirate Crew, Sea Monkey's and The Tidal wave following them. Usopp looking out through a pair of binoculars spots a ship up ahead believing it to be an enemy ship. As they draw closer to the enemy ship Luffy tries to warn them about the upcoming tidal wave by asking them to turn around. Many of the pirates on the enemy ship are seen fighting & arguing with each other since they no navigator, flag, sails or captain. The Going Merry is able to safely get away shortly after the tidal wave disappears leaving them with a smooth sail. Luffy & Usopp ask Robin who is keeping watch if she has seen as island. Robin replies telling them she's seen an island a while ago but there's fog ahead. Luffy & Usopp tell Robin alert them next she sees an island. Nami asks Chopper To watch The front. The rest of the crew discuss the ship they passed. After discuss what they saw The Going Merry heads for Shore On Long Ring Long Land. Luffy, Usopp & Chopper are the first to step foot on the Island and our surprised by the tall animals inhabiting the island. Usopp locates a small house within range distance through his goggles. Outside the house they spot a tall white horse with a saddle on her. Luffy then points to large pieces of bamboo, as he gets closer he gets hit by the moving bamboo. Luffy reacts by attacking the bamboo with a gomu gomu whip. Chopper talks to the tall white horse, asking where his master was, the replies not knowing where his master has gone. Chopper then proceeds to rush over to Luffy, after he attacked the bamboo. Much to everyone's surprise there an old man laying on the ground from Luffy's attack on bamboo. The Foxy Pirates land on Long Ring Long Land and prepare to attack the Straw Hats.

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