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Coverstory Summary

Despite the Dirt Boss being large, Gedatsu defeats the giant mole with a Jet Punch.

Plot Summary

As Sanji finds out that the man that the masked man who went with Robin was not Chopper, Luffy and Nami find out that the Galley-La Company can't fix the Going Merry regardless of how they are offering. The two learn that the Merry's keel is seriously damage beyond repair. Despite how much they plead, the two learn that the ship can't be rebuilt or even replicated. The only other option for the crew is to abandon the Going Merry and buy a new ship that Galley-La are willing to provide. Luffy not wanting any to change the crew's ship, states his desire to keep sailing on the Going Merry. Iceburg however states the folly of what Luffy desires and what it would cause the crew.

In the middle of the transaction, some World Government officers led by Corgi arrive to talk business with Iceburg. While Iceburg decides to reluctantly entertain these people, Luffy and Nami are hidden the rest of the Galley-La foremen. While they are hiding, the two find out that two of the three suitcases are actually empty. Realizing that File:Bsymbol.gif 200,000,000 of their money is gone, the two also find out that Usopp is also gone and was seen being kidnapped by the Franky Family.

Learning about this, Luffy hurriedly runs off to find Usopp while Nami asks where the Franky Family could be find. With the directions to the Franky House in mind, Nami decides to return to the Going Merry to leave the remaining money and get Zoro to help. As she is heading to the ship, Nami finds a crowd surrounding a beaten up and bloodied Usopp. Upon reaching Usopp to console her fellow crewmate, Nami is apologized to by Usopp for losing the money. As Ussop passes out, Nami promises him that they'll get the money back.

Character Introduction


The keel at the center of the ship is the "Life Line" of the ship. If the keel is broken, you can't just take it off and put in a new one. Replacing the keel is the same as building a new ship!! Thus, no one can repair your ship. Your ship is... nothing more than a pile of wood waiting to be scrapped. - Paulie explaining to Luffy and Nami about the Going Merry's damage.

Yes... I'm so useless... The money... they took it... Nami... I'm... sorry, everyone! We were finally able... to fix the Going Merry... yet... I lost the money... I'm so useless... - Usopp apologizing for losing the money.


  • Peeply Lulu is given an infobox formally introducing him and explaining his skills in this chapter.
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