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Chapter 364 is titled "Kokoro".

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Color Spread: "Let Me See What You Can Do".

The Straw Hat Pirates, split into three groups—Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji in a bare-bones rowboat, Chopper and Robin on a modified recliner, and Nami and Usopp on a parasail-bike—tackle a king hippopotamus out at sea.

Short Summary

The Straw Hat Pirates escape from the Aqua Laguna and are determined to go save the others at Enies Lobby.

Long Summary

It appears at first that the four Straw Hat Pirates have been swallowed by the Aqua Laguna however, Paulie has managed to catch all four using his ropes and manages to pull them out of the water. As the bridge continues to be destroyed, the group make their way to Zousenjima and make it just in time as the others watch in shock at how high the wave had managed to reach. Paulie and Kokoro explain that the size of the wave was abnormal this year and if it was always that size, the city would be long gone.

After Nami explains what has happened, Luffy agrees that they should go after them and asks for a boat however, Paulie admits that it is impossible to sail in any boat as the waves would easily destroy it and that there is only one Sea Train, the Puffing Tom. When told to wait until morning, Nami concludes that that would be too late as that is where the Gates of Justice is. She explains to the others that Enies Lobby is a court island and usually when people are taken there that is enough evidence and that once they go through the Gates of Justice, they can only go to two places; Marine Headquarters or Impel Down.

Shocked by this, Paulie asks if they are truly ready to wage war on the World Government and the other shipwrights tell them to forget it however, Luffy declares that he will take a ship by force if he has to. As the four are about to go against the shipwrights, Kokoro stops them and tells them that Paulie is right however, if they still wish to go, she will start the Sea Train for them.

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