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Chapter 415 is titled "Heat Up".

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Color Spread: "Les Trois Mousquetaires."

Wielding two flintlocks each, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji pose as the Three Musketeers, alongside a huge gorilla in a flight cap.

Short Summary

Sanji and Jabra continue their fight.

Long Summary

Sanji has kicked Jabra through the floor, telling him to try a more convincing lie next time. Sanji then holds up Jabra's key, having taken it from him after calling his bluff. Sanji then runs off. Jabra uses Soru to overtake and intercept him. His plan backfires, as Sanji lands a kick on his nose before he could do anything. Sanji is about to use Party Table, and Jabra uses Tekkai Kenpo. Jabra is about to attack when he realizes Sanji has disappeared. The chef then hits Jabra from behind with Cuisse Shoot. He follows it up with a Brochette, which Jabra dodges. Jabra then uses Tekkai Kenpo Roga no Kamae and starts bouncing all around Sanji. He then attacks Sanji with Rokaru Area Network, a slashing attack. Jabra then uses another Tekkai Kenpo move, Dong Poro, hitting Sanji directly in the gut with his Tekkai-hardened fist, blasting him across the tower to the other balcony. Jabra then uses Rankyaku Lupus Fall, sending four slashes that look like wolves toward Sanji. The Rankyaku hits Sanji, and Jabra howls in victory, thinking he has won.

Sanji then gets up and reveals he is not planning to run or be killed, and he will not forgive Jabra either. Jabra then uses Tekkai Kenpo Matenro, a kicking attack similar to Sanji's Party Table. The attack hits, and Sanji is knocked back. He then gets up and starts spinning rapidly. When he stops spinning, his right leg is glowing with heat. He calls this new technique Diable Jambe. With it, he delivers a devastating kick to Jabra's stomach, breaking through his Tekkai and sending him across the room to the other balcony. Jabra realized that the kick broke his ribs and burned him all the way to the bone.

Sanji then jumps into the air to reach Jabra, who wondered what Sanji was thinking by having an aerial battle with a Rokushiki user. Sanji uses Diable Jambe Premiere Hachis. Jabra dodges with Geppo, reappearing above him. Jabra then roars as he comes down on Sanji using Gekko Jusshigan. Sanji blocks one arm with a kick, letting the other hit him, and tells Jabra that he had to reserve the other kick for the finishing blow. He then uses Diable Jambe: Flambage Shot as the finishing blow, hitting Jabra squarely in the face.

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