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Chapter 419 is titled "Legend of a Hero".

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Animal Theater: Zoro and a less-than-brave tiger cross a forest in the dead of night, neither sure of their direction.

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While Luffy continues his fight against Rob Lucci, Oimo, Kashii, the Franky Family and Galley-La Company continue their escape of Enies Lobby. The rest of the Straw Hat Pirates and Franky arrives just in time to save Robin.

Long Summary

Everyone outside is shocked that the Gate of Justice are opening all the way. Paulie remembers Kokoro telling him once that the Gates of Justice would never open fully. The Franky Family, Galley-La Company foremen, and the giants are all trying to escape. Luffy is talking to Lucci, saying he left Robin to Franky. Lucci tells him he underestimated the pirate, as he did not think that Luffy would be this powerful. Meanwhile, the Marine ship at the end of the Bridge of Hesitation is ready to take Robin to Marine Headquarters to be interrogated and executed. The commanding officer orders the men to stand and salute Spandam. Spandam sees it from a distance. At this point, Robin is so resistant that Spandam has to drag her with a rope.

Spandam tells her that he planted a bomb underneath the bridge on the staircase, so anyone who tries to save her will trigger it. Spandam tells her that he knows everything that happened on Ohara twenty years ago. He mentions Saul's rampage and her mother in specific. He reveals that the man who told him was the same person put in charge of the operation, his father, Spandine. He also reveals that Spandine was the one who put the bounty on Robin's head. Robin tearfully yells that she is still alive.

The bridge then explodes where Spandam planted the bomb. The blast throws Franky into the water. Robin watches, realizing he had come to save her. Robin feels she is on the verge of a breakdown. Just then, Spandam bursts into flames and is thrown forward over the waiting soldiers. The soldiers then start falling over with flames coming out of them. They then look at the top of the Tower of Justice and see Sogeking. Zoro and Sanji are watching from the ground as Sogeking hits Spandam with another fiery shot. Robin takes advantage of the men's distraction and starts to run. The Marines try to shoot her, but Franky appears and blocks the bullets. Sogeking then starts talking to Franky on a Den Den Mushi. He tells Franky he should see a red cloth bundle near him. There are two keys in there, completing the set. Zoro tells Sanji they had better hurry, as it is about to get worse.

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