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Chapter 42 is titled "Yosaku and Johnny".

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Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles, Vol. 6: "Journey Through the Sky—Part 2".

Big Bird successfully captures and eats Buggy, only to spit him out due to his awful taste.

Short Summary

The new member Usopp shows his talent by drawing the Jolly Roger for the Going Merry's sail, and being able to shoot accurately with the cannon. The crew then debates what to look for in their next crew member before setting off to search for a cook of the sea.

Long Summary

On the Going Merry, Luffy displays his concept for the crew's Jolly Roger, a straw hat skull and crossbones. His art skill is terribly lacking, so Usopp decides to show off his artistic ability. After his personal mark is shot down by Luffy and Zoro, the crew and Nami paint the improved Straw Hat emblem on the sails.

After this, Luffy tries to hit a large rock in the sea with one of the ship's cannons, missing each time. Usopp displays his marksmanship, blasting the rock to pieces before quickly being named as the crew's sniper.

In the kitchen, a serious discussion is underway. There is one more position to be filled, something very important for a long voyage. Luffy agrees, and decides that it is time to search for a musician. While the rest of the crew berates Luffy for his lack of vision, a mysterious attacker calls them out. After quickly defeating the swordsman, Zoro is treated to a surprise; it is his old partner Johnny. Johnny's partner, Yosaku, had become gravely ill. Unsure what to do, Johnny went to a rock in the ocean to think, the same one Luffy and Usopp used for target practice. Johnny thinks Yosaku is going to die, but Nami assures him it is just scurvy, and has Luffy and Usopp feed Yosaku some fresh limes.

After recovering, Johnny and Yosaku formally introduce themselves to the crew.

The Straw Hats and Nami decide that they definitely need a cook, and Johnny knows of one good place to look. A few days sailing from their current position is a very special restaurant near the Grand Line, a floating restaurant.

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Chapter Notes

  • Luffy sketches his first attempt at doing the Straw Hat Pirates' Jolly Roger but it is poorly drawn.
    • Usopp uses his artistic skills to improve the Jolly Roger and the crew officially uses it on the sails.
  • After displaying his marksmanship, Luffy names Usopp as the crew's official sniper.
  • Johnny and Yosaku are introduced.
    • Zoro used to work with Johnny and Yosaku in the past when he was still a bounty hunter.
  • Luffy and Nami decide that they need a cook.
  • Johnny mentions a restaurant on the sea where the crew can find a cook.
  • This is the first chapter of the Baratie Arc.


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