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Chapter 420 is titled "Buster Call".

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Animal Theater: Sanji prepares a massive cake for Nami and Robin, and cages a baboon that tries to taste it—while completely unaware that a colony of mice has already eaten most of the bottom layer.

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Robin is freed from her Seastone handcuffs thanks to Franky and the Straw Hat Pirates. However, the Marines have arrived at Enies Lobby to commence the Buster Call. Meanwhile, Luffy and Lucci continues their fight.

Long Summary

Franky tries all the keys everyone had fought and gained from the CP9 members until he finds the one that opens her cuffs to the shock of Spandam. Spandam cannot believe the Straw Hat Pirates defeated all the members of CP9 in the Tower of Justice, claiming they must have stolen them and ran. They tell Robin via Den Den Mushi to thank them later and do whatever she wants in the meantime. Her first act is to summon arms on Spandam and proceed to beat him senseless.

Franky orders the others to join him. Just then a loud explosion from the Gates of Justice grabs the group's attention, the fence around the island is now broken and the sound is a signal that Buster Call is arriving and the bombardment has already begun. A huge explosion hits the tower where Sogeking was, Paulie and the others with him hear it and start worrying. The World Government workers and Marines still left on Enies Lobby realize they have to get off now. Sanji calls Sogeking, Sogeking stands up reporting he is fine. Spandam orders the Marines with him to catch Franky and Robin now.

In the underground tunnel Nami, Kokoro and Chimney rush through the tunnel to escape the bombardment above as the vibration hits the tunnel. Meanwhile, above Bridge of Hesitation, Luffy and Rob Lucci continue fighting. Rob Lucci finally figures out how Luffy's Gear Second works. Rob Lucci speaks of the earlier explosion being a test and that the real bombardment is about to start on the island. He mocks Luffy saying his crew and everyone else is about to be destroyed and anyone in the underground tunnel will drown.

Back on the bridge, Spandam tells the Marines to stop messing around, reminding them the ships are coming. But it is already too late, one of them reports they can see the ships now; the Buster Call has arrived.

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