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Chapter 421 is titled "Gear Third".

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Animal Theater: Robin plays pool with a gang of koalas.

Short Summary

While the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates try to escape Enies Lobby, Luffy continues his battle against Lucci in which he activates his new technique, Gear Third.

Long Summary

The details of the Buster Call are announced to all ships in the fleet; destroy Enies Lobby and capture Nico Robin again. On the Bridge of Hesitation, the Marines run in fear. Spandam retells his father Spandine saying how even the indiscrimination of Buster Call would not kill him. Just as he predicted, the bridge is excluded from targeting via the Buster Call. Franky is amazed by the sight, and Robin cannot stop shaking after seeing the horrid sight of the Buster Call in action again. Back in the Tower of Justice, all other members of CP9 lay still unconscious.

Under the tunnel, Zoro and Sanji rush Sogeking in the tunnel. Coming the other way is Nami, Chopper, Kokoro, Chimney and Gonbe who are trying to outrun the flooding waters behind them.

The battle with Rob Lucci rages on between him and Luffy. Below them, the room they are fighting in is now filling up with water. Lucci heads up to the top, followed by Luffy. Lucci says he'll allow Luffy to go off to save his friends if he wishes to, but Luffy says his crew and the others will survive and that he will not take his eyes off Lucci because he knows Lucci would take the opportunity to kill them. Lucci expresses some approval of Luffy's leadership as compared to Spandam's, but tauntingly asks if Luffy will be able to follow through in battle.

Lucci launches himself at Luffy and the fight continues as Lucci throws more Rokushiki techniques at him. Luffy tries his hardest, but Lucci gets the better of him in every instance. Luffy fights on, claiming that if he cannot beat Lucci, he cannot protect anyone. Once again Lucci attacks, striking Luffy hard, Luffy can barely hold out, Luffy decides it's time for Gear Third. Lucci is surprised at Luffy's technique which makes his arm the size of a giant, he blocks and is hit by a Gomu Gomu no Giant Pistol attack, which knocks him through the wall of the tower.

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