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Chapter 422 is titled "Rob Lucci".

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Color Spread: "Speedsters!"

The Straw Hat Pirates, divided among four wildly unique motorboats, prepare for a race on the open seas. At the starting line, a whole host of sea creatures have gathered to cheer on their favorite racer(s).

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While the Straw Hat Pirates and the Shift Station staff try to escape the flooded corridors of Enies Lobby, Luffy continues his fight against Lucci outside.

Long Summary

Onboard one of the Buster Call ships, Doberman is asked by one of his men if they should attack the Bridge of Hesitation where Nico Robin is. The Vice Admiral retells the story of 15 years ago when a single aided in an incident against a group of pirates. The same boy was Rob Lucci who is on a mission right now to get Robin.

The remaining Marines on the island rush to the Sea Train to find there is no driver, but board it anyway. Underground, Zoro, Sogeking and Sanji suddenly find they have water rushing in behind them and are running for their lives. Unfortunately the water is rushing in from both sides and ahead Nami, Kokoro, Chimney, Chopper and Gonbe are heading their way. Zoro tries to cut through the wall, but unfortunately, the tunnel has been strengthened and cannot be cut and at that moment they are engulfed by water.

Lucci is near unconscious after being hit by Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Giant Pistol. He reminds himself he cannot allow himself to fall in the water. He uses a technique to survive and lands alive on a warship. When he recovers and transforms back into human form, the Marines attempt to find out who he is and arrest him, but a Vice Admiral prevents them. They soon realize the man is Rob Lucci of CP9. Lucci tells them all to shut up as hearing their whimpering offends him. Attention is drawn as Luffy comes after Lucci.

The Marines fire at Luffy, but Luffy takes the shots and focuses on Lucci. Lucci avoids a Gomu Gomu no Giant Axe. Lucci transforms into his Devil Fruit full leopard form and bites Luffy in the shoulder. Luffy blows off Lucci by pulling the air back into his body. With a Giant Whip, Luffy knocks down the mast of the warship which once again results in Lucci escaping. Lucci believes he has figured out Gear 3.

At that moment, one of the Vice Admirals orders an attack on the warship in an attempt to kill Luffy, despite the fact there are one thousand Marines on board. The soldier who asks him what about their allies being at risk is shot dead in front of everyone.

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