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Chapter 423 is titled "Mermaid Legend".

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Animal Theater: Vivi and a pack of otters enjoy watermelons (painstakingly flown in by a flock of seagulls).

Short Summary

While Luffy deals with the side effects of Gear 3 during his battle against Lucci, the Straw Hat Pirates, Franky, Chimney and Gonbe manage to escape the water thanks to Kokoro.

Long Summary

The Marine ship that Luffy and Lucci were fighting on collapses, Luffy is shocked from it due to his Gear 3 running out. He shrinks down to "Chibi" size. Luffy knows that Gear 3 is fun, but the side effects are too troublesome and he will now have to spend a minute like this because he spent a minute using it. He hides, but Lucci has already seen him.

Elsewhere, the Straw Hat Pirates allies are scrambling to get out of Enies Lobby.

As the destruction rages on round them, Spandam boasts about the power of his Buster Call. Spandam tries to reason with Franky over Nico Robin, but he mentions Franky's mentor, Tom which trigger Franky's anger. Spandam draws Funkfreed and orders it to give Robin a serious wound so she will not be able to resist later. The elephant sword is stopped by Franky who then calms the elephant's attack through a threat and a reminder of what kind of animal Funkfreed is. Franky remembers why he is doing this and that it is only because of the Straw Hat Pirates he is able to get what he has always wanted; to take out the guy who put Tom away. His anger boils and he throws Funkfreed back at Spandam. Franky proceeds to take out the Marines who are with Spandam. Robin joins in saying she is not alone and has no reason to be afraid anymore.

On the tower, Luffy has been drawn out by Lucci, Lucci boasts about how Luffy should accept his power's weaknesses and let it end now. Luffy attempts to hit Lucci after being pinned against the wall, but his attacks now have no strength against Lucci. He is thrown against another wall, Luffy can only beg his body to return before the next attack kills him, but the damage from Luffy's earlier attack suddenly hits Lucci's legs unexpectedly. Luffy is relieved as his body returns to normal.

In the tunnel below Zoro, Sanji, Chopper, Chimney, Gonbe, Sogeking, Nami and Kokoro have now all been submerged by the water in the tunnel. They attempt to hold their breaths and do something but all is lost. Someone grabs them and pulls them along, and they see an image of a beautiful mermaid. Unfortunately, the dream is shattered when they see the mermaid is actually Kokoro which causes them to all nearly drown out of shock.

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