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Chapter 446 is titled "Doctor Hogback".

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Color spread: Featuring the male Straw Hat Pirates members as Vikings.

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Nami, Usopp, and Tony Tony Chopper meet more people, and the rest of the Straw Hats disembark on Thriller Bark.

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Entering into the mansion of Dr. Hogback, Usopp, Nami and Chopper continue to question the peculiar nature of their surroundings, including the tunnels and courtyard past the front door. Approaching a well with a spotlight on it, an eerie, sewn up woman emerges, welcomes them and immediately throws plates at them. The woman stops, allows Nami and Chopper entry, then continues throwing plates at Usopp. However, a voice tells "Cindry" that they'll allow him in too before explaining the cause of her hatred. The voice introduces himself as the genius Dr. Hogback before arguing further with Cindry on her plate hatred. Chopper is immediately in awe but the others are forced to follow along to avoid any further zombies.

Inside Hogback's dining room, Nami tries to explain their predicament and about the zombies outside. The doctor claims that he vanished and came to Thriller Bark to study the zombies and to continue to understand the matters of life and death. Chopper remains starstruck meeting the famed doctor and asks to see Hogback's lab, but he states that it is off limits to all of them. Eating a serving of pudding together (without plates, naturally), Usopp further questions in seeing any living skeletons such as Brook. Hogback suspects something but refuses to state what.

After eating, Nami decides to take a shower with Usopp and Chopper on guard (and Usopp questioning why they are guarding her). The trio are resolved to remain in the mansion in hopes Luffy and the others get through the zombies outside and rescue them. Yet at the same time, Nami realizes that even inside the mansion, there are stitched up zombies, proving Hogback knows more than he's letting on.

But before bathing and figuring out earlier, Nami hears a growl within the bathroom. An invisible voice notes Nami's smarts before grabbing her and thrusting her nude body on the bathroom wall. The voice admires the navigator's weakness and declares she will be "his bride". Usopp rushes into the bathroom to rescue her, happy but confused at the situation. Chopper's nose senses the intruder and Usopp fires a Gunpowder Star but the intruder escapes. None of them knew what was happening but Nami guesses that the visitor was "an invisible man".

Back on the Thousand Sunny, the remaining crew realizes that they are completely stuck on a spider web with nowhere to go. Luffy decides that since they cannot go anywhere, they might as well go onto Thriller Bark as well. Within moments of arriving on the island, the crew discover Cerberus, but this group reacts differently from Franky and Zoro's belligerence to Nico Robin's acknowledging its cuteness to Luffy just wanting to eat it. The creature does not take it well.

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  • Usopp, Nami and Chopper's caravan arrives at the manor of Doctor Hogback and his assistant, Cindry
  • Nami is attacked by the invisible man in the shower
  • Luffy's group decides to go on Thriller Bark with Sunny trapped on the island


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