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Chapter 46 is titled "An Uninvited Guest".

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Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles, Vol. 8: "Battle In the Forest of Judgment".

While the other Rare Animals look on, Buggy and Gaimon come to blows, detachable hands against loaded pistol.

Short Summary

Sanji makes his show with the ladies. Two days after Gin's departure, Don Krieg arrives at the restaurant starving and begging for food.

Long Summary

After Zeff asks Sanji to leave the restaurant, they start a fight. Sanji claims that he will not go until Zeff dies, which Zeff answers that he will live another hundred years.

After this interruption, Sanji continues to serve the Straw Hat table. However, he shows favor to Nami as a female. Usopp becomes agitated with Sanji's discrimination. Nami quickly realizes her advantage and plays up to Sanji asking for free food. When Zoro tells her that she is tricky, Nami warns them that they should be careful too.

Two days later, Don Krieg galleon appears. The Chefs and clients are frightened due to his reputation. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Krieg's ship is in a pitiful shape. An agonizing and frail Don Krieg enters the restaurant with the support of Gin and begs for food and water.

Patty's reaction is to call the marines so that they could benefit from his weak state. However, like he did for Gin, Sanji returns with some food, despite Carne's warnings about the pirate's treacherous past. When Carne finished speaking, Don Krieg strikes Sanji and in front of a shocked Gin, claims that he wants the restaurant ship for himself.

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Chapter Notes

  • Zeff wants Sanji to leave, but Sanji only plans on leaving when Zeff dies.
  • Don Krieg's crew arrives at the Baratie.
  • Don Krieg's pirate flag is a skull with 2 hour-glasses at the sides.


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