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Chapter 471 is titled "My Friend".

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Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates explore an undersea ruin, most of them riding on colorful manta rays. Countless other sea creatures swirl about, from octopi to dolphins to whales.

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Nami wakes up and defeats Absalom with Lola's help. Meanwhile the rest of the Straw Hats prepare to take on Oars once more.

Long Summary

After defeating most of the Straw Hats, Oars searches for the remaining three, including Luffy, Nami, and Usopp. Meanwhile, Perona wakes up traumatized from her fight with Usopp. She races to find the mansion in ruins. The zombies inform her that the destruction is Oars's doing and tell her that he has also defeated all the zombie generals as well. Perona questions as to whether or not Oars has gone out of control when suddenly, Oars's fist bursts through the mansion, terrifying her. He asks if "the girl" is not in the mansion. Through a misunderstanding, Perona thinks Oars is after her since he trampled Hogback earlier as well, but in actuality, he was just looking for Nami. Panicking, Perona plans on stealing the Thousand Sunny to escape from Thriller Bark.

Elsewhere, the wedding ceremony is taking place and Nami regains consciousness. She avoids Absalom's binding kiss just in the nick of time. Irritated, Absalom tries to kiss Nami a few more times, but the latter manages to evade all of his attempts. Suddenly, Lola appears and crashes the wedding. She furiously yells at Nami, calling her a traitor. Both Nami and Absalom tried to calm her down, but to no avail. Lola swings her swords at Nami and the latter figures out that the former has been missing on purpose. Lola reveals to Nami that everything was just an act and that she is there to help her escape Absalom. Angered, Absalom attacks Lola, knocking her unconscious. Enraged, Nami pulls out her Clima-Tact and defeats Absalom in one-shot with Thunder Charge. She then rushes to Lola's side and asks if she's alright. Lola smiles and tells Nami that she knew the truth the whole time about her being a woman.

Meanwhile, Oars is looking for the missing three crew members when the defeated Straw Hats reappear and confront him once again. They tell him that since he has the shadow of their captain, then he should know better than to underestimate the power of his crewmates.

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