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Chapter 479 is titled "Warrior of Hope".

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Animal Theater: Franky holds a dance class with a troop of orangutans, centered on his trademark "SUPER!" pose.

Short Summary

Nightmare Luffy is beating Oars over and over and finally takes him down.

Long Summary

As Luffy continues to battle Moria and Oars, a number of mysterious figures go to where the defeated Straw Hats are, noting they have severe injuries and one of them is reduced to bones (not knowing of Brook and his circumstances), calling them the comrades of their "ray of hope". Nami and Usopp, not knowing what the mysterious figures were planning, both agree to get down there. The figures were revealed to be Lola and the Rolling Pirates, who were moving the Straw Hats to a safe location. As they took extra care of the ones who had their shadows taken, Lola says they are counting on Nightmare Luffy.

Meanwhile, Oars is continuing to be beaten around by Nightmare Luffy. The zombies of Thriller Bark, witnessing the entire battle, are surprised that Oars, dubbed by them as a "demon", and his giant body is being pummeled around, even with their Lord Gecko Moria currently residing in Oars' stomach.

Back at the palace, Lola and the Rolling Pirates explain to Nami and Usopp of Luffy's current state, apologizing for suddenly placing all of their hopes and strengths onto Luffy, further explaining he has 2 or 3 minutes left in that state. While Lola comments that dawn is not far off and that these next few minutes will decide their fate, Nightmare Luffy continues his relentless assault on Oars, throwing him back into the palace. As Oars prepares to attack Nightmare Luffy with a Gomu Gomu no Bullet, Nightmare Luffy uses his sword to counter the attack by slashing Oars across his chest (one of the shadows in Luffy is that of a skilled Marine swordsman). Moria, wondering why Oars is getting beaten around by a lone pirate and if he should leave his stomach for the time being, is then punched straight in the face by Nightmare Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Pistol, the impact also knocking Oars back.

With Nightmare Luffy's time running out, he proceeds to counter Oars' Gomu Gomu no Ono and ultimately attempt to finish off the giant and Moria with a Gomu Gomu no Storm. As Oars crashes into the palace, seemingly knocked out along with Moria, the shadows begin to come out of Luffy. With Luffy laying on the ground, clearly exhausted, Lola and the Rolling Pirates announce the defeat of Oars and Moria and that Thriller Bark has fallen.

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