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Chapter 480 is titled "Interception".

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Animal Theater: Some friendly penguins help Chopper build his very own totem pole, consisting of Chopper atop four penguins atop a skua atop a fox atop a polar bear.

Short Summary

As Oars is not defeated just yet, the Straw Hats recover to land a massive combined attack, immobilizing the giant for good.

Long Summary

Oars appears to be done for but just as the rejoicing begins, he gets up again. As the Straw Hats recover and begin to launch an assault on the giant, Zoro tells the Rolling Pirates to quickly get out of their way. Robin uses a Pierna Fleur to make multiple feet grow out of the outer wall of the tower, allowing Brook to carry Luffy to the top of Thriller Bark. Nami then uses a Rain Tempo, completely soaking Oars (with the Rolling Pirates deducing she is some kind of wizard with her abilities). Franky and Usopp then use the Super-Large Freezer Ultra-Cold Blast (fired from a machine made on the spot) to freeze Oars's legs, having been soaked from Nami's rain previously. Sanji and Chopper then ensnare Oars in the chain of the rudder.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Brook have arrived at the top of the mast, and are preparing for the final attack. Chopper tells Zoro to tuck in Oars's stomach, which Zoro does with his Santoryu Ougi: Sanzen Sekai technique. Sanji then kicks the chain to pull Oars upright and straighten his spine. Chopper explains that normally a human spine is curved to absorb shock, but with it straightened out the spine will be shattered, allowing Oars to receive the full brunt of the attack. Luffy tells Brook to throw him towards Oars, also telling a concerned Brook that he will be fine because he is made of rubber. Brook proceeds to do so, as Luffy uses Gear 3 to inflate both of his arms and prepare his Gomu Gomu no Giant Bazooka. Oars attempts to Gomu Gomu no Bazooka Luffy right back, but cannot use his right arm due to all the damage he accumulated so far. Oars was unable to realize this due to the fact zombies cannot feel pain, proving Chopper's point from earlier in the battle. Luffy's "Giant Bazooka" shatters Oars' spine and Oars becomes paralyzed, unable to feel the pain but also being unable to move.

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