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Chapter 535 is titled "Friend".

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Straw Hats and Animals: Brook lifts weights alongside a muscular monkey.

Short Summary

Luffy is defeated by Magellan and thrown into Level Five while Mr. 2 plans to rescue his friend. Meanwhile, Ace asks about the situation, but is rejected.

Long Summary

Outside of the entrance to level three, Hannyabal stands above a defeated Buggy and Mr. 3, saying that he would have let them pass in order to blame Magellan if they had not attacked him dead-on. On a bridge on level four, Mr. 2 fights his way through the guards, apologizing to Luffy for leaving him with Magellan. Magellan berates Luffy for thinking that his attack would have any effect on him while commenting on the pain Luffy is in from the poison. Despite his torment, Luffy attacks again, but his attack has little effect. Magellan attacks with his Hydra, but Luffy dodges and tries again, only to be repelled once more. Using a cloud of poison, Magellan disables Luffy's senses and nervous system.

On level six, Ace asks about the situation upstairs, but is rejected. Luffy attempts to hit Magellan, but the poison prevents him from hitting the warden. Magellan comments on his mental strength, then defeats him with a final attack and orders the guards to take him to level five for temporary storage, seeing as Luffy is going to die in 24 hours, unable to save Ace.

On level five, the prisoners notice Luffy's unconscious arrival and ask about his bounty. Seeing his condition, they say that he has received the poison treatment and say that he is done for.

Back at the entrance to level three, Magellan finds Hannyabal and his troops defeated. Hannyabal claims to have been defeated by Mr. 2, prompting Magellan to take care of business elsewhere. Hannyabal tells his troops to leave, then moves into the interrogation room with Buggy and Mr. 3. Here, Mr. 2 shows his true face, as he had been posing as the vice-warden to fool Magellan. He states that he is returning to save Luffy, to which Buggy tells him it is pointless. Mr. 2 yells that they are friends, stating that they need no further reason.

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Chapter Notes

  • Magellan defeats Luffy.
  • The guards put Luffy's poisoned body in Level 5, also known as Freezing Hell.
  • Bentham plans to rescue Luffy.


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