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Chapter 54 is titled "Pearl-san".

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Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles, Vol. 14: "Pirate Alliance"

Over drinks and a hot meal, Buggy and the woman agree to be partners in the hunt for Luffy.

Short Summary

The Baratie chefs wage war on the Don Krieg pirates. Both asserting to be more powerful. Sanji fights one of Don Krieg's men claiming to be invincible, Pearl.

Long Summary

The Don Krieg pirates attack the Baratie chefs. Both claim to be more powerful as they've each faced separate, but challenging perils. Patty and Carne, who have exited safely from their tank, beat back many of the Krieg Pirates and cheer on their fellow workers. They remind them they fight not for just the Baratie, but their freedom to cook and fight where they are shunned from most ordinary restaurants.

However, the self-proclaimed Invincible Pearl appears behind the two chefs. He claims to be the most powerful and proves it by beating the chef duo in one punch as he wears his armor made of pearl and steel. When Sanji see that some of Krieg's pirates take the opportunity to steal Carne's knives, he kicks away all of the pirates and retains ownership of the knife for his chef friend.

When this Pearl continues his arrogant taunts, claiming he has not even bled one time in his battles, Sanji attacks him. At the same time, Don Krieg treacherously attacks Luffy who was enjoying Sanji's show. Luffy is sent flying in the process, but accidentally fall back on Pearl's head, knocking it into his armor. Pearl lifts his head and reveals A drop of blood coming from his nose as the first time he's bled in battle.

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