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Chapter 55 is titled "Jungle Blood".

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Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles, Vol. 15: "Oh Captain, We Hold You in Our Hearts".

On an unknown island, the Buggy Pirates—unaware their captain is actually alive—build a grave for Buggy's severed body.

Short Summary

After receiving his first bloody nose, Pearl is driven crazy with anger. However, Sanji continues to fight him. Meanwhile, Gin has taken Zeff hostage.

Long Summary

When Pearl receives the first bloody nose of his life, he enters a berserk rage and sets his armor on fire by punching the pearls on it. Many of the chefs become frightened and warn him that he will set the entire ship on fire. However, as a cook, Sanji warns the other chefs they should not be afraid of fire as he leaps over the firewall Pearl has created.

Sanji continues to battle Pearl with his superior speed and kicking abilities. He tells them that a chef's tools include his hands so he only uses his feet when fighting. Pearl becomes increasingly upset as he is trashed by Sanji.

In order to stop him from destroying the ship, Don Krieg throws a knob toward Sanji and Pearl. Luffy is able to deflect it with his Gum Gum Bazooka. The knob instead destroys Don Krieg's ship mast which falls over and subsequently renders Pearl unconscious.

However, the Krieg Pirates have not said their last word. While they were fighting, Gin has taken Zeff down and threatens to take his life as he holds a gun to his head.

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Chapter Notes

  • Sanji does not care about fire since he is a chef.
  • Gin threatens Zeff's life.
  • Pearl was born in the jungle.
  • Luffy defeats Pearl.


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