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Chapter 567 is titled "Marineford Marine Headquarters - Oris Plaza".

Cover Page

Color spread: The Straw Hats with their numbers as various fruit themed superheroes.

Short Summary

As Whitebeard prepares to launch another attack, he is blocked by Aokiji, forcing Jozu to step in. Luffy, progressing through the Marines, is attacked and thrown by back by a pair of Vice Admirals and Admiral Kizaru. Whitebeard tells Luffy to stay back, and proceeds to clash with Akainu. Marco, meanwhile, makes a beeline for Ace, but is punched away by Garp.

Long Summary

The Whitebeard Pirates and their subordinate crews began their assault on the plaza. Whitebeard prepares to use a devastating attack, but Admiral Aokiji freezes Whitebeard using Ice Ball. Whitebeard breaks free from the ice he was encased in and attacked Aokiji. Aokiji prepares to counter with Ice Block Partisan, but Jozu attacked him before he can do so. Jozu and Aokiji prepare to face off against each other.

Luffy, meanwhile, continues to move toward the execution platform. However, Momonga and Dalmatian stand in Luffy's way and attack him. Luffy then gets struck down by Admiral Kizaru, who told Luffy that courage alone is not enough and kicked him away. Luffy is sent flying and is then caught by Whitebeard. Kizaru chides Whitebeard for allowing Luffy to lead the charge. Whitebeard then hand Luffy to his men and says that Luffy has done enough. As Whitebeard's men try to tend to Luffy's wounds, Luffy insisted to go on but soon collapses. Whitebeard comments on how he held a soft spot for people like Luffy.

Whitebeard prepares to attack again, but is intercepted by Akainu. Akainu tells Whitebeard that his power can destroy Marineford. Whitebeard responds by saying that he should try to protect it. Akainu launches a magma fist and Whitebeard counters with an air quake.

Marco attempts to reach Ace in his phoenix form. Garp intercepts him and says to the Whitebeard Pirates that they will have to get past Garp before they can save Ace.

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Chapter Notes

  • The cover pages shows the Straw Hats' costumes based on fruits.
    • Luffy=Apple
    • Zoro=Melon
    • Nami=Orange
    • Usopp=Pineapple
    • Sanji=Banana
    • Chopper=Peach
    • Robin=Cherry
    • Franky=Strawberry
    • Brook=Grapes
  • Luffy has fallen from exhaustion.
  • Garp joins the battle.


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  • This chapter has a color spread like the previous chapter, making this the very first time there are 2 color spreads in a row (3 if counting Chapter 0, which came out the same week as Chapter 565).

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