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Chapter 571 is titled "The Execution Platform".

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Straw Hats and Animals: Nami getting her hair styled by a giant crab.

Short Summary

Garp finds he is unable to stop Luffy after all, then Sengoku reveals his Devil Fruit's abilities. Mr. 3 helps Luffy free Ace from his seastone shackles and the three manage to escape immediate attack for the moment.

Long Summary

As Luffy and Garp face off against each other on the collapsing bridge, Garp reveals that he now considers both Luffy and Ace as his enemies because of their decisions to become pirates. However, in the midst of launching a massive punch at each other, Garp is distracted by memories of his grandsons as Luffy evades his punch and connects with his own Gear Second punch, sending the vice admiral crashing onto the ground below, much to the shock of the other vice admirals. Luffy then lands on the scaffold, and prepares to use the key he received from Hancock to release Ace from his shackles. Sengoku then uses his Devil Fruit powers, transforming into a gigantic Buddha-like entity and decides to kill both Ace and Luffy. Kizaru shoots the key with a laser from below, breaking it, before Luffy can unlock the shackles. Suddenly, one of the unconscious executioners wakes up and reveals himself to be Mr. 3 in disguise. Luffy forms a Gomu Gomu no Gigant Fūsen (Gigantic Rubber Balloon), and Mr. 3 erects a Candle Wall to shield Ace, thus effectively blocking Sengoku's immense punch. However, the execution stand breaks and collapses. The Marines below then launch a barrage of cannon blasts at the three falling criminals, and Mr. 3 reveals that he was up there to avenge his fallen comrade, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei. He then forms a wax key and gives it to Luffy to free Ace. The blasts collide with them just as Ace turns into intangible flames to protect Luffy and Mr. 3.

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Chapter Notes

  • Garp allows Luffy to defeat him.
  • Sengoku's Devil Fruit power is finally revealed. However, the name of the fruit is not said.
  • With the help of Mr. 3, who was disguised as an executioner, Luffy frees Ace.


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