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Chapter 573 is titled "The Name of This Era is "Whitebeard"".

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Straw Hats and Animals: Karoo getting frozen along with a bear he's riding.

Short Summary

Whitebeard uses his final strength to allow his comrades time to escape. However Ace stops when Akainu insults Whitebeard and is hit with a lethal blow when shielding Luffy.

Long Summary

Whitebeard has decided to stay behind in Marineford alone and destroy everything as well as sink the island into sea while sacrificing himself. All the pirates are trying to evacuate, while Whitebeard holds all the marines back alone. Meanwhile, the visual Den Den Mushi wakes up and Buggy restarts the broadcast and prepares to take Whitebeard's head. At the same time Jinbe also decides to stay back to help Whitebeard and evacuate pirates. While Ace is on his way to freedom, Akainu provokes him to turn back by insulting Whitebeard. An enraged Ace clashes with Akainu, but Ace ended up getting burned by Akainu's Magu Magu no Mi powers. Ace then learns the hard way that Akainu's logia fruit with the power of magma is the natural enemy and superior to that of Ace's logia with the power of fire. Luffy tries to go to Ace's aid but he finally loses his strength and buckles down dropping Ace's Vivre Card. While Luffy is down, Akainu tries to finish him off, but Ace takes the hit, allowing Akainu to pierce through his body instead of Luffy's. The chapter ends with Ace's Vivre Card shown to burn up leaving very little intact while Luffy and the Whitebeard Pirates watches dumbstruck.

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Chapter Notes

  • A commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Blenheim, is named.
  • Buggy restarts the broadcast of the war.
  • This chapter also revealed that there are different levels of logia that allow them to hurt each other.
  • Ace is fatally wounded by Akainu, burning away his Vivre Card to almost nothing.


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