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Chapter 58 is titled "Crap-Geezer".

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Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles, Vol. 17: "The Twelve-Hour Bout".

By nightfall, Mohji and Cabaji are still fighting, still no closer to deciding the captaincy. The other Buggy Pirates have long fallen asleep, Richie in particular enjoying his own dreams of being captain.

Short Summary

Sanji's flashback: Sanji's 85 foodless days.

Long Summary

Sanji tried to divide his small portion of food wisely, but after 25 days he had only one piece of moldy bread left. He had only seen one ship that did not even see him pass. After 70 days, weak and hopeless, he decided to reach Zeff to steal his food.

Upon arriving, he found Zeff's bag was still almost full. He entered a rage and approached with a knife declaring he was taking the food and didn't care about him. When Sanji opened the bag, he found it was only filled with treasures. Sanji realized that Zeff had given him all the food and that he had only survived by eating his own leg. When asked why he acted such foolishly while they hate each other, the pirate revealed that, he too, believed in the All Blue and that he was trying to find it in the Grand Line. But now, without his crew, he could not realize this dream anymore. He decided if they were rescued, he would retire from piracy and start a restaurant.

The miracle occurred, after 85 days, the ship Sanji had seen came back and saved them.

Back in the present, Sanji's behavior makes more sense: in the memory of the old man that saved his life, he will not allow anyone to kill him or steal his last dream.

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Chapter Notes

  • Sanji's flashback ends.
  • Sanji and Zeff were stranded for 85 days.
  • Zeff ate his leg resulting in his current peg leg.


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