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| ename = The Demon
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Chapter 61 is titled "Demon".

Cover Page

Volume: 7 Pg.: 150-151

Color spread: Instead of working, the Straw Hat Pirates are fooling around on a garden while two squids are helping them work the field.

Short Summary

Sanji and Gin start to fight but their strength is equal. Meanwhile, Luffy attacks Don Krieg, but the armoured pirate does not want a direct fight and, instead, pushes back Luffy by throwing needles at him. At the same time, Gin has made a decisive move toward Sanji, but when he is about to give the final blow, he stops himself in tears, unable to kill the only man who has ever shown him kindness.

Long Summary

Sanji and Gin start to fight, but their attacks do not cause much damage, as their abilities are the same. The Don Krieg Pirates estimate that Gin will lose, but Don Krieg says if Gin's fighting abilities does not yet go out. Gin is calm and collected "Demon". Gin can kill people his opponet without pardon although them request to be not killed by Gin. So many people called him "The Demon". That's why Don Krieg places him as the battle comander. Because, previous fighting with Pearl, Sanji corners. So Patty and other Baratie's cooker worries.

In other place, Luffy tries to attack Don Krieg, but Don Krieg releases his armoured and plan to kill Luffy there. He shoots Luffy with boom and spears. That spears hurt Luffy at his foot, and he almost falls to ocean. Then, Luffy asks if Don Krieg is not serious to fight with him. So, Krieg answer if the important thing in fighting is strategy to kill the opponet. Krieg jeers Luffy is monkey cause he just attacks without strategy.

Don Krieg's Pirates screm that Sanji's bone is broken. Cause Gin roughs up Sanji ten times. He still attacks Sanji and makes him close to death. Krieg's Pirates cried cause Gin almost win and kill Sanji. When he will excute Sanji, he remembers when Sanji gived him the food, then he is crying. Cause Gin cannot kill the man who treated him kindly in his entire life.

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Chapter Notes

  • Gin declares that he can not kill Sanji because Sanji is the first person ever to show him kindness.


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