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Chapter 66 is titled The "Chewed-up Spear".

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Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles, Vol. 21: "Reunion—That's Bananas!"

Venturing onto Kumate Island, Buggy and his new ally find Buggy's grave—and Mohji and Cabaji, still beaten senseless, lying right beside it.

(The original title is a common Japanese pun, playing "banana" (バナナ?) off the (stereo)typical exclamation for "That's impossible" (そんなバカな Son'na bakana?).)

Short Summary

His armor destroyed, Don Krieg shows his last trick by catching Luffy with a net. Unable to swim, the rubber boy will drown. However, Luffy has not said his last word, uncaring about falling into the sea soon, he sends to Don Krieg an ultimate attack which knocks the pirate out.

Amazed by Luffy's ability to never resign, Sanji jumps into the sea in order to save him. When they come back to the surface, Don Krieg has woken up and his going berserk, but Gin who have seen his captain defeated, decides to put an end to this fight himself and quickly knocks out a weak Krieg.

Long Summary

Luffy finally destroys Don Krieg's armor. Everyone is shocked, especially the Krieg Pirates who watched their captain lose. Even though Krieg still lost his spirit, he attacks Luffy in the air by shooting an iron net at him. Luffy becomes ensnared in midair above the ocean. Luffy realizes he will sink due to his Devil Fruit weakness. Krieg smirks in joy realizing his last second revenge may become realizes. However, Luffy reaches out with his free hands and feet to attack Krieg. For anticipating that, Krieg asks his crew to shoot at Luffy.

In another place, Sanji is confused why Luffy does not retreat. Zeff says he cannot look down after this battle. Sanji then attacks the Krieg's pirates who were aiming arrows at Luffy. Luffy is able to successfully use his last technique "Gomu Gomu no Tsuchi". It connects with Krieg's head and Krieg is knocked unconscious. However, Luffy falls to his certain death in the ocean as he cannot swim.

Zeff explains to Sanji why he won. He explains Luffy has the courage, "harpoon", and he is not afraid to die. Then Zeff suggests that Sanji should save him as he can't swim, Sanji can hardly believe the old man waited this long to inform him of Luffy's inability to swim and quickly dives in after him.

Gin cannot believe that his captain lost. Unfortunately, Krieg can still can stand up and acts weirdly. At the same time, Gin goes to the deck of Baratie to end the battle. He punches Krieg in the stomach to knock him out. He decides to retreat with the Don Krieg Pirates and start anew.

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Chapter Notes

  • Don Krieg catches Luffy with a net and throws him into the ocean.
  • Sanji saves Luffy.
  • Gin defeats his captain.


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