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Chapter 69 is titled "Arlong Park".

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Color Cover: In the dead of night, Santa Usopp forges ahead with his Christmas run, pulling the sleigh himself when his assistant Luffy and faithful reindeer begin falling asleep.

Short Summary

Yosaku explains to Luffy and Sanji about the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Meanwhile, Nezumi, a corrupt Marine officer, pays a visit to Arlong and his pirate crew.

Long Summary

Luffy looks forward to entering the Grand Line with newest Straw Hat Pirate, Sanji. However, Yosaku warns them about the dangers of this sea. In particular he warns them of the presence of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, of which Dracule Mihawk and a fish-man pirate named Jinbe belong. He explains that years ago Jinbe had a relation with his strongest lieutenant in the East Blue, Arlong. He suspects that Nami will be near Arlong. Sanji has his doubts as he always trusts beautiful woman and had recently become smitten with Nami. Yosaku mentions that due to Nami's suspicious behavior being connected to their copy of Arlong's wanted poster, he and Johnny suspected earlier that there had to be a connection between Nami and Arlong.

Meanwhile in Arlong Park, base of Arlong's Fish-Men pirates, Arlong makes a deal with a Marine, Nezumi. He presses Nezumi to relax and celebrate in the common language that they understand, money. However, Nezumi tells him he must press on before anyone recognizes his ship in port. Suddenly, Nami is introduced as one of the Arlong pirate officers and the only human Arlong can trust.

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Chapter Notes

  • Luffy plans to finish recruiting crew members in the Grand Line.
  • Luffy mentions that the Grand Line has been called 'a paradise' according to Zeff.
  • Yosaku introduces the term of the Seven Warlords of the Sea: seven strong pirates hired by the World Government.
  • Merfolk and fish-men are first mentioned.
  • Sanji speaks of an island in the Grand Line named Fish-Man Island, which he is excited to visit because of the mermaids.
  • Arlong's wanted poster is seen in a flashback. His bounty is revealed to be Beli Small.png20,000,000.
  • Yosaku is able to provide Luffy and Sanji with the clues that he and Johnny uncovered earlier as to why they believe Nami is heading to Arlong's base of operations: Arlong Park.
  • Arlong, captain of the Arlong Pirates, and Marine captain Nezumi are introduced.
    • Arlong is drawn without his lips or pointed teeth after his meeting with Nezumi.
  • Nami is a member of Arlong's crew.
  • In the last panel of the chapter, Usopp is drawn without his iconic long nose.
  • This is the first chapter of the Arlong Park Arc.


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