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Chapter 70 is titled "The Great Adventure of Usopp the Man".

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Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates as samurai, all dressed in Kabukimono-esque clothing and all wielding at least one sword. Luffy in particular is perched on an upside-down wok, holding an oil-paper parasol while unsheathing his red-lacquered sword with his teeth.

Short Summary

Zoro arrives at Arlong Park. Nojiko is introduced and revealed to be Nami's sister.

Long Summary

Zoro, Usopp and Johnny arrive in front of Arlong Park. In order to prevent Zoro from foolishly attacking the fish-men, he's tied up by Johnny and Usopp while they search for the Going Merry. They soon found it anchored near a local village. Usopp, who acted bravely once away from Arlong Park, becomes a coward again once he notices three Fish-Men next to the boat. He and Johnny flee into the sea once they have been spotted, leaving Zoro alone and powerless in front of the Fish-Men.

When Usopp and Johnny pull themselves out of the sea, they notice that the village has been completely devastated and postulate it was destroyed by the Fish-Men. They are impressed by the power of these creatures. They find one of the Fish-Men has returned to the village, suspicious of Zoro being alone. While Johnny is able to hide himself, Usopp starts running until he bumps into a kid, Chabo, and a woman, Nojiko. When the Fish-Man is about to capture them, Usopp decides to act bravely for once, and tries to defend the two villagers, but is knocked out by Nojiko.

When he wakes up, the three of them are in Nojiko's house, in an orange farm. Nojiko tells them that nobody fights the fish-men because it's suicide. Chabo, a boy from Gosa Village, whose father has been killed, understands this, and returns to his mother rather than seeking revenge.

Usopp understands that Nojiko's intentions are not bad, and tells her that he is looking for Nami. Nojiko then tells Usopp that Nami and her are adopted sisters, and that Nami is a member of Arlong Pirates.

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