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Chapter 81 is titled "Tears".

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Animal Theater: Young Nami and Nojiko with Bell-mère and a dog choking on spaghetti.

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After Arlong has Nezumi steal the money Nami saved up to purchase Cocoyasi Village's freedom, she agrees to save up the money again from scratch. However, the villagers have had enough, and rise up against Arlong despite Nami's pleas. Luffy then comes upon Nami, and she breaks down, asking for his help to defeat Arlong. Luffy and the Straw Hats readily oblige, and Luffy breaks into Arlong Park as he confronts Arlong.

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On the Marine ship docked outside Cocoyasi Village, Nezumi gleefully examines the money he stole from Nami, laughing at her stupidity to work for Arlong for her freedom this long. Meanwhile, Nami confronts Arlong in Arlong Park over her money being stolen, and Arlong acts as though Nezumi stealing it was out of his control, saying Nami would just have to start saving Beli100,000,000 again from scratch. He reminds her that if she tries to run away, he will kill the residents of Cocoyasi Village, and Nami remembers Genzo telling her that they had kept this threat secret to her in case she wanted to run away. Nami slaps Arlong and runs out of Arlong Park, and in Cocoyasi Village, Genzo and the villagers prepare to take up arms and fight the Arlong Pirates. Nami is desperately intent on stopping them, as she does not wish to see any of them die. Genzo tells the villagers that they can no longer keep living under these conditions if Arlong has no intention of ever letting them go and will only keep toying around with Nami's efforts, and all of the villagers are more than ready to fight. However, Nami reaches them and tries to assure them that she is readily willing to save up the money again, even saying it would be easier this time. The villagers are shocked, and in Arlong Park, Arlong tells Chew that he will let Nami go eventually, but only after she has made a map of the entire world, which will take decades.

However, Genzo does not listen to Nami's assurances, commending her for the efforts she has made to liberate them and telling her that she can leave the village now. Nojiko backs him up, encouraging her sister to go and pursue her dream. Nami pulls out a dagger, declaring that she does not wish to see any of them get hurt or die, but Genzo displays his dedication to this goal by grabbing the dagger, cutting his hand in the process, and the villagers say their hearts are set. Genzo shouts at Nami to get out of the way, and the villagers race toward Arlong Park, declaring their will to fight even if it is likely they will lose. Nami is left kneeling on the road, and she grabs her Arlong Pirates tattoo as her anger toward Arlong grows, causing her to take the dagger and stab it into her tattoo to get rid of it. However, Luffy comes and grabs Nami's arm before she can harm herself further, and Nami is conflicted at his presence, telling him again to leave the island because this has nothing to do with him. However, Luffy remains unmoving, and Nami then breaks down in tears as she begs Luffy to help her. Luffy responds by silently putting his straw hat on her head, and he jumps forward and declares extremely loudly that he will help. Nami is shocked to have the straw hat on her head, knowing Luffy's attachment to it, and Luffy walks toward the rest of his crewmates and tells them to come with him, to which they happily comply. Meanwhile, the villagers have reached Arlong Park, only to find Johnny and Yosaku sitting in front of the gate. Having lost to the Arlong Pirates after confronting them earlier, the two bounty hunters do not intend to let in the villagers who have no chance of winning, and instead are waiting for another group of men. Inside Arlong Park, Arlong asks if Johnny and Yosaku were part of Zoro's crew, and Kuroobi doubts it, saying they were too weak for that. Right then, Luffy punches down part of the wall, and asks which of the fish-men is Arlong, much to Arlong's shock and chagrin.

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  • Arlong breaks his deal with Nami and declares that he will destroy the village if she leaves.
  • Nami asks Luffy for help.
  • Having overheard Nojiko's story about Nami's past and failed to defeat Arlong on their own, Johnny and Yosaku make it clear to the villagers that only the Straw Hat Pirates have a chance against the fish-men.


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