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Chapter 82 is titled "OK, Let's STAND UP!".

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The Straw Hat Pirates with their numbers next to them. Everyone has "STAND BY" next to them except for Nami, who has "STAND THE PAIN" next to her.

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Luffy confronts Arlong while the rest of the crew fight the other fish-men.

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After Luffy's explosive entrance, he is stopped by Arlong's men. Luffy ignores their attempts at diplomacy and throws a huge punch into the face of their fish-man captain, Arlong. Luffy cannot forgive Arlong for making Nami cry, as he still considers her as his navigator.

After this declaration of war, the fish-men attack Luffy. However, they are easily knocked back by Sanji, who had also entered the place alongside with Zoro and Usopp. Hatchan, enraged after Zoro tricked him, threatens them that they will be the meal of his pet Momoo. When the giant sea cow appears, he still bears the wounds of his previous encounter with Luffy and Sanji, and is reluctant to attack. To the surprise of the fish-men the Straw Hat Pirates are unimpressed with Momoo's appearance. After being threatened by Arlong, Momoo attacks the Straw Hats. Luffy grabs his body and launches it to knock back most of the Fish-Men pirates.

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  • So far, this chapter is the only chapter that's not titled as "Chapter X" but as "EPISODE X" in Japanese version, as cover page shown.

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