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Chapter 95 is titled "Spin, Pinwheel, Spin".

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Diary of Koby-Meppo Vol. 11: "An Unpredictable Prisoner".

Morgan takes his son hostage.

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Everyone has been partying for 2 days now. After 8 years, it seems no one can stop partying. Luffy, in search for food, ends up with Genzo in front of Bell-mère's grave. Genzo has him promise that he will always make Nami happy. Meanwhile, Nami is in Dr. Nako's office. She wants to remove Arlong's tattoo. Once finished, the doctor tells her that she will have a scar in its place. So instead, she decides to have another tattoo, as a thank to Nojiko who tattooed herself after Nami was forced to carry Arlong's sign. It will be a symbol of those she loves: her sister's tattoo, the tangerines of her mother and Genzo's windmill.

Once the party ends, it is time for departure, but Nami wants to leave her own way. Instead of saying good bye, she run toward the Going Merry bumping into the ones who try to stop her and takes their money in the process. The Straw Hats depart and everyone is happy that Nami leaves in the only way that Nami could.

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It's been two days since Arlong's defeat and even though it is the middle of the night people are partying, including the Straw hats who are enjoying the festivities including the food and drink.

Meanwhile, Genzo is talking to Bell-mère's grave and tells her about her daughters while he pours her a drink. He then encounters Luffy who is looking for food, and tells Luffy to make sure Nami keeps smiling.

Nojiko is then seen talking to a little kid whose father died before he could attain freedom, and Nami is talking to Dr. Nako about removing her tattoo which unfortunately is impossible, so she decides to get another tattoo.

The next day after the partying is over Johnny and Yosaku decide to go back to their lives as bounty hunters, while the Straw hats wonder where Nami is. Nami then yells to the crew to set sail, as she runs up to the ship, though the villagers want to say goodbye to her, but she rushes past them onto the ship, while revealing that she stole all their wallets. The straw hats then set sail while the villagers call her a thief, Nami then says her goodbyes. As she departs, Genzo recalls the past when Nami was a small girl and his appearance would make Nami cry. He put a pinwheel in his hat to make her smile and she always has since.

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  • Morgan takes Helmeppo as a hostage.
  • Johnny and Yosaku leave because bounty hunters will not look good with pirates.
  • The Straw Hat Pirates set sail.
  • The origin of the pinwheel on Genzo's hat is explained; he needed it there in order to make an infant Nami laugh, since he had a scary face.
  • Nami gets a new tattoo. Nami's new tattoo has an orange and pinwheel in it to represent Bell-mère and Genzo. It replaces Arlong's tattoo and the scar from it.


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