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Chapter 957 is titled "ULTIMATE".

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Color Spread - The Straw Hat Pirates are raiding a duck speed boat with some turtles.

Short Summary

Sakazuki and Fujitora talk about the fate of the recently-ousted Shichibukai while the other Marines discuss the recently-formed alliance between Kaido and Big Mom, with some worrying that Rocks has returned. Afterwards, they discuss Rocks and his crew, the Rocks Pirates, in which three of the Yonko have been members as well as a team-up between Garp and Roger to defeat them. Afterwards, Roger's and all the Yonko's bounties have been revealed.

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Chapter Notes

  • The Marine science unit are working on a project known as SSG that is intended to replace the Shichibukai system.
  • Issho is shown to be injured, which is mostly from his fight with Sabo and his group. 
  • Information on Rocks is revealed.
    • It was a powerful pirate crew called the Rocks Pirates. Their captain was Rocks D. Xebec who was considered Gol D. Roger's first and greatest enemy.
    • Whitebeard, Kaido, and Big Mom were once members in the crew, as were Shiki and John.
    • Kaido was an apprentice during his time with the Rocks Pirates.
    • Two other members with the epithets "Silver Axe" and "Ochoku" are mentioned for the first time.
  • 38 years ago, the Rocks Pirates attacked several World Nobles and their slaves on a island known as God Valley. Garp and Roger worked together to defeat the crew. This event, in which Rocks lost his life, is known as the "God Valley Incident".
    • After the incident, God Valley mysteriously vanished, leaving no trace of its existence behind and no longer shows up in maps of the world.
    • The information about the alliance between Garp and Roger was covered up by the World Government. In addition, any information about the Rocks Pirates was suppressed by the government since Rocks knew too much about subjects that the government tried to hide. Because of this, according to Sengoku, the existence of the crew is mostly unknown to the current generation of Marines. 
  • It is revealed that the main reason Garp has refused a promotion to admiral several times is because he does not want to become a direct subordinate of the World Nobles.
  • The Marines are working on updating the bounties of those who just lost their Shichibukai title.
  • The bounties of all the Yonko as well as Whitebeard and Roger's are revealed.
    • Shanks' bounty is Beli4,048,900,000.
    • Big Mom's bounty is Beli4,388,000,000.
    • Kaido's bounty is Beli4,611,100,000.
    • Whitebeard's bounty was Beli5,046,000,000.
    • Roger's bounty was Beli5,564,800,000.
    • Their wanted posters (current in Big Mom's case) are shown for the first time.
    • According to Brannew, no bounty of a pirate in history has surpassed that of Roger's or Whitebeard's.
  • It is revealed that Shanks has been a Yonko for six years.
  • Kozuki Oden was a division commander when he was still a member of the Whitebeard Pirates.
  • Sakazuki refrains from sending Marines to Wano due to the lack of manpower.
  • Sengoku states that many powerful individuals have a connection to Wano.


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