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Chapter 971 is titled "Sentenced to Boil".

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"Gang" Bege's Oh My Family Vol. 20: "Keep going, Gotti! It's all up to you!!"

Gotti races after Charlotte Chiffon.

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Oden made a deal with Kaido to allow those who survived an hour in the boiling pot go free. He then stepped into the boiling pot of oil and used a large piece of wood to hold all of his retainers over him. As the citizens looked unfavorably upon Oden, Shinobu then came and revealed to them that Oden danced naked in the street every week in order to stop Orochi from kidnapping 100 citizens and sending them to Kaido, with Orochi and Kaido having falsely promised to leave Wano once they finished constructing ships.

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In Oden Castle in Kuri, Kozuki Toki and her children, Momonosuke and Hiyori, dine as a servant tested Momonosuke's meal for poison. Momonosuke questions why his life is targeted, and Toki explains that it is because he is the heir to the Kozuki Family. As the food is cleared for the family, Momonosuke asks his mother about his father's execution, before beginning to tear up.

In the Flower Capital, the execution of Kozuki Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards is about to commence, as a pot of boiling oil is set. As the citizens rush to the site, Oden is walking towards the pot while being watched by Kurozumi Orochi and Kaido as the citizens comment on Oden's crime. Oden stops and turns to ask Kaido for a chance to be saved. A guard tries to hurry Oden, but slips and falls into the pot, and is immediately burned. Oden offers for the ten of them to enter the pot for a set amount of time, and those who survive are to be set free. Sure that the possibility of surviving is nonexistent, Kaido grants Oden's request, and has a clock set for one hour.

As the onlookers watch intensely, Oden steps into the boiling pot and immediately screams in pain. As the Scabbards rush forward to join their master, Oden orders them to stand on a large wooden platform, which he uses to hold them over his head, saving his men from the torture.

Orochi complains about the Scabbards not standing in the oil, but Kaido enjoys the show and says they are in the pot as agreed. After a minute has passed, the spectators are amazed at Oden's endurance. As four minutes have passed, the citizens start to complain about how long the execution takes, causing Shinobu to lash out at them, calling them fools.

Shinobu then reveals the truth about Oden's attack on Orochi five years ago. As he was protected behind Kurozumi Semimaru's barrier, Orochi revealed that he went after the shogunate as revenge against all of Wano Country's citizens for persecuting and hunting down the Kurozumi Family after his grandfather's acts of treason. As part of his revenge, Orochi kidnapped many citizens and held them in his castle. As Oden tried to attack once more, Kaido stepped in to battle him, until Orochi offered him a choice: If Oden continued to fight them, more lives would be lost, but if Oden would humiliate himself by performing a weekly naked dance, 100 people would be spared.

Oden agreed to the deal, and Orochi and Kaido promised to leave Wano in five years. Oden also went to different regions to check if Orochi was true to his words. Shinobu finishes her story, as the citizens are shocked at the actions of the savior they called a fool.

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  • The execution of Kozuki Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards begins.
    • Oden makes a deal with Kaido to let those who survive the execution go free and Kaido gives him an hour.
    • Oden stands in the boiling pot while holding his retainers over him with a plank.
  • The Kurozumi Family is revealed to have been hunted by the citizens of Wano Country.
  • Shinobu revealed the details of the deal made between Oden and Orochi.
    • Oden danced naked to prevent kidnappings and Orochi and Kaido promised to leave Wano eventually.


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