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Chapter 974 is titled "Onward to Onigashima!!".

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"Gang" Bege's Oh My Family Vol. 22: "Successful rescue of the boss' wife!!"

Gotti rescues Lola (who looks like Chiffon) from the Marines.

Short Summary

In the present day, the Nine Red Scabbards set sail to Onigashima. Kin'emon seriously considers the possibility that there is a traitor among them, and Kanjuro promptly reveals that he is. Born Kurozumi Kanjuro, he had lost his parents during his family's persecution. He was then recruited by Orochi to become a part of the Kozuki Family, and as he served Oden, he gave Orochi information about everything the family did, including their plans in the present day.

Three Beasts Pirates ships then arrive and confront the Scabbards, and Kin'emon decapitates Kanjuro, only to find out that it was a perfectly drawn clone and that the real Kanjuro was on the coast, having kidnapped Momonosuke to bring him to Onigashima. However, the Straw Hat Pirates, Heart Pirates, and Kid Pirates then arrive on their ships to attack the Beasts Pirates.

Long Summary

After a time in which Hiyori gave Denjiro money she acquired while working as Komurasaki, for him to give to the poor, he warned her about her actions, and asked her to place blood bags beneath her clothes. He explained that Orochi have developed feelings for her, and he wants to prepare her to when they would fake her death in order to escape Orochi's eyes.

A few months prior to the current time, as Kin'emon's group were brought to the present, Orochi had a meeting with Kaido when he received the report of the group's arrival. As Orochi sent his men to watch the shores for their departure, Kaido expressed his desire to capture them alive for questioning. Orochi then praised his spy, and revealed to Kaido the spy's history and how they met.

The spy's parents were part of a theater group, being killed before his eyes, due to their connection to the Kurozumi Family. Devastated, the boy wished to die, but was approached by Orochi, Semimaru, and Higurashi, the latter revealed they disposed of his parents killers for revenge. The boy then agreed to follow Orochi, was given a Devil Fruit, and ordered to pretend to be loyal to the Kozuki Family to the death while Orochi planned his revenge.

Orochi then claimed that the spy would steal funds from Oden and gave it to Orochi, whenever he came to borrow money, and that that riches was the reason he and Kaido are now working together. Orochi then claimed the spy was so determined to die while playing his role, even during Oden's execution, revealing him to be one of the Nine Red Scabbards.

Back in the present, the Scabbards set sail on their boat, and left Momonosuke in the care of Shinobu. Momonosuke bagged them to came back from their suicidal quest, but Kin'emon, despite the 4,200 men he gathered failed to arrived, still had hopes in succeeding due to their small number.

On the boat, the Scabbards began to wonder how their plans were foiled, and realized the spy may be one of them. Kin'emon stated that by this point it does not matter who the spy is, to which Kikunojo disagreed and Kanjuro speaks up, wanting to clear everything.

Kanjuro then revealed himself to be the spy, to the rest of the Scabbards' shock and disbelief. Questioning this reveal, Kanjuro claimed he had no ill will towards them, he was just loyal to Orochi, revealing he is a member of the Kurozumi Family. Kanjuro proceed to tell them how he revealed their plot to Orochi, as three ships with the Beasts Pirates on board appear in their path.

The pirates are quite surprised to see Orochi was correct on the Scabbards' survival and came to pick up Kanjuro, and while he was distracted with their arrival, Kin'emon beheaded him. Kanjuro however continued his monologue, revealing that the reason he is confessing now is Orochi gave him to order to bring Momonosuke to Onigashima, and Kanjuro is revealed to be back on shore, holding Momonosuke, as his drawing fade from the boat.

Suddenly, the Beasts Pirates ships are attacked as the Thousand Sunny emerges from the high waves. At the same time, the Scabbards boat is lifted from the water by the Polar Tang, and a second ship is attacked on the other side by the Victoria Punk. To the Scabbards shock, the Straw Hat, Heart, and Kid Pirates prepare to take on the Beasts Pirates on a sea battle fitting pirates.

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Chapter Notes

  • It is revealed that Komurasaki's apparent death was orchestrated by Denjiro to separate her from Orochi.
    • It is also revealed that Hiyori knows that Denjiro is Ushimitsu Kozo.
  • It is shown that Orochi got Kaido's initial support by paying him a large amount of money that Orochi borrowed from Oden.
  • The flashback of Wano Country ends and the story returns to the present time.
  • The Scabbards leave Momonosuke with Shinobu and sail off to Onigashima only to be confronted by the Beasts Pirates' ships.
  • Kanjuro is revealed to be the one providing Orochi with information about the alliance's actions.
    • Kanjuro's full name is Kurozumi Kanjuro.
    • Kanjuro's past and Devil Fruit are shown.
      • His parents were killed in front of his eyes due to their family name.
      • His fruit was given to him by Orochi.
    • The real Kanjuro grabs Momonosuke as a drawing he brought to life is dispelled off the Scabbards' boat.
      • His inability to draw was an act.
  • Orochi is shown to have eaten the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi before becoming the shogun.
  • Luffy, Law, and Kid enter the battle in their respective ships.
    • It is noted that the Thousand Sunny was fixed after surviving the bombing attempt by the Beasts Pirates.
    • Kid stated that the rebels and their ships are at another port.


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