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Chapter 979 is titled "Family Problem".

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"Gang" Bege's Oh My Family Vol. 26: "The Tontattas find a ship adrift."

The Tontatta Pirates come across a Tartes ship with Pound on it.

Short Summary

As the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance race to attack Kaidou and Orochi, Kanjuro has not been able to alert the latter to their arrival as he is unfamiliar with Onigashima's complex layout. The Straw Hats bring out the Kurosai FR-U IV and the Brachio Tank V, and are shocked to learn that Luffy and Zoro have gone off on their own. Inside the fortress, Kaidou instructs the Tobiroppo to find his son Yamato who has gone missing, offering each of them the chance to challenge an All-Star for their position if they succeed. Meanwhile, Luffy has wandered into the Beasts Pirates' banquet, and becomes angry when he sees some of them throwing excess oshiruko on the floor.

Long Summary

Currently, Orochi is at a state of peace, because thanks to the information Kanjuro had been supplying him, he was able to coordinate the Red Scabbard's movements and take action to prevent their attack on him, which would finally give him some peace at night. Little did he actually know, was that the raid on Onigashima had already begun. As planned, Kin'emon and Denjiro were leading the Eastern and Southern troops respectively around the mountain while Law would bring the other Scabbards to the rear by sea. As for Kanjuro, who had tied up Momonosuke, he reveals that this is his first time coming to Onigashima, so he never thought it would be so complex for him to navigate and therefore, he has yet to give his report to Orochi. Furthermore, he is still seen as an enemy to the Beasts Pirates, as he had attacked some who had seen him. As Kanjuro wondered how he was going to deliver his report, Momonosuke notices a dagger on the ground.

Thanks to the disguises given, the Beasts Pirates are still unaware of the attack that has started. Franky notices that everyone had left but they would catch up in no time. He brings out his Battle Franky's as Jinbe states he remembers the vehicles from Fish-Man Island, though Franky says they are new models. He decides to ride Kurosai FR-U IV while giving Brachio Tank V to Chopper to command, much to his delight. Nami expresses relief that they can use it to advance safely and Carrot tells Chopper how cool he is for commanding the tank. Franky asks where Luffy went, and Jinbe tells him that when Kid ran off on his own, Luffy wanted to stop them because they didn't know about their plan. This causes Usopp, Chopper, Sanji, and Nami to yell at him that Luffy will definitely get spotted. Jinbe adds that Zoro ran off after Luffy so he would make sure he wouldn't get spotted, but this gets the four worried that he will get lost. 

Sanji says they should leave the two of them to their own devices and asks Nami if he can ride with her to the battlefield, but she along with Chopper and Usopp tell him the tank is full, as Carrot and Shinobu were inside as well. Sanji asks Usopp if the inside is paradise for him, but Usopp retorts by saying if Sanji was fit to drive the artillery he could join, but he highly doubts it. Franky, on the other hand, offers Robin a ride, which she accepts, only for Brook to take the seat which irritates Franky, though the two of them drive off anyway, with Franky telling Chopper they will meet at the back of the island to park the vehicles. Sanji offers Robin a seat next to him on the tank, but she declines as it seemed dusty to her, so she decides to walk there alongside Jinbe. Jinbe notes how lively the crew is, and that while others would hold their breath in situations like this, those that take the situation lightly will become crucial factors. Robin comments on his words of wisdom and Jinbe says he wants to contribute as much importance as he can for the battle. From afar though, someone is watching them.

Inside Kaidou's castle, the Tobiroppo meet with Kaidou, with Ulti speaking to him happily, which irritates Page One. Kaidou offers them a drink but Sasaki turns it down, rather preferring to drink with him rather than underlings. Kaidou tells them they will meet in the venue shortly because he wants them to meet Big Mom, but it will have to be later because she is currently changing. He apologizes for keeping them all waiting before confessing he never summoned them at all. Who's-Who asks who did, and King comes in, revealing it was him. Who's-Who asks what he wants to say to them, and King says if they knew he was the one who called them, then he and Sasaki would have ignored him, which the two don't deny. King continues by saying that the two of them used to be pirate captains themselves, and have been trying to get a spot as an All-Star. They admit that is true and King tells them to re-evaluate their strength. Kaidou tells them to calm down and asks King why he used his name to summon them. King admits he heard about his problem and that the Tobiroppo will be needed, and Kaidou confirms. He asks one of his Shinuchi: Bao Huang, to announce the schedule. Bao Huang drops down from the ceiling and explains that Queen is hosting the Golden Kagura music on stage, the All-Stars and Fukurokuju were having a toast, and after that Kaidou and Orochi would give a speech. She then reveals the Big Mom Pirate's ship will arrive before the two Emperors announce the beginning of the biggest pirate alliance in the world. She concludes her reading with the reveal that Kaidou will make a really important announcement. Ulti is surprised by this because it is unlike him to make such an announcement unless it was super important. Kaidou confirms it but says if he revealed it now, it would bring confusion.

Kaidou then tells the Tobiroppo that their job is to find his idiot son Yamato who disappeared today. Black Maria says that is a difficult task and that the important announcement must be connected to Yamato, which Kaidou confirms. Ulti yells that this is a family issue so it shouldn't concern the group. Who's-Who asks what will happen should they bring him back safely, and Kaidou answers by telling them that they will have the right to fight an All-Star. He asks Jack and King if that is a problem and they deny, though Who's-Who is left grinning madly.

Outside the castle, Luffy continues to look for Kid, worried that because he knows nothing about Kozuki Oden, he will mess everything up. He asks a drunken Beasts Pirate if he has seen Kid, but he doesn't recognize the name, also wondering if he has seen Luffy somewhere before. Luffy notices the food, but before he can eat it, he gets a pot of red bean soup poured on him, which he notices. The pirates complain that too much was made, so they were sending it back. One says it would go good with sake, while another insists on kicking it away because it is too sweet. They decide to give it to the people in Okobore Town while laughing at the thought of them licking it off the ground because the beggars should be happy. Luffy, however, is left enraged at the spilled food, as it reminded him of Tama and how happy she was when she ate some on her birthday.

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