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Chapter 983 is titled "Thunder".

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"Gang" Bege's Oh My Family Vol. 29: "Hey! It's the Old Man From the Harbor!"

Lola, Chiffon, and the Fire Tank Pirates find Pound at Dressrosa.

Short Summary

Charlotte Perospero has managed to scale the waterfall with a candy mount and heads toward Onigashima, disapproving of the alliance between the Big Mom Pirates and Beasts Pirates. On Onigashima, Prometheus summons Big Mom back inside the brothel, and she makes several homies while pursuing Nami, Carrot, and Shinobu.

As Orochi has Momonosuke crucified and Zoro and Kid continue fighting the Beasts Pirates, Luffy clashes with Ulti and Page One. Ulti grabs Luffy in her Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pachycephalosaurus transformation and prepares to attack him, but she is suddenly attacked by Yamato who proceeds to grab Luffy and run away, revealing that he had been waiting for the pirate to arrive.

Long Summary

At the rising carp waterfall outside Wano Country, Charlotte Perospero is seen riding another candy slug with his powers and separated from the rest of his siblings. He sees Onigashima from afar and proceeds to make his way there on his own. He also reveals that he does not approve of this Big Mom Pirates/Beasts Pirates alliance, claiming that the Big Mom Pirates will be left standing at the end of the day.

At Black Maria's brothel, Usopp and Chopper finally escape Big Mom, but only because she decided to chase after Nami instead so she could reclaim Zeus. Chopper asks Usopp what they will do, but all he can say is that they are in the clear now. He also noted that when Big Mom hit them, the Brachio Tank V activated the leg parts of the General Franky robot, which they use to continue onwards. Chopper says that they were able to help Kin'emon ultimately and Usopp adds that Nami and her group will come up with a solution for their problem, especially with Sanji with them. Chopper then reminds him that Sanji is in a brothel, which will no doubt bring forth complications.

Within the brothel, Carrot, Nami, Zeus, and Shinobu run away from Big Mom as Prometheus follows them and calls out to her. Zeus asks what they will do and Nami says she saw Sanji earlier, though she gets extremely annoyed when she learns from Carrot that he came into the brothel to see the prostitutes while claiming he won't leave them behind. Big Mom also starts creating Homies with her powers as she follows them.

At the Skull Dome, Kurozumi Orochi has Momonosuke crucified for all the Beasts Pirates to see. At the same time, Zoro is fighting multiple Gifters and showing signs of exhaustion. They point out the futility of this struggle and that he should just swear loyalty to Kaido instead. They reveal they all tried to be Pirate King themselves, but it would be better if he just surrenders. At Kid and Killer's location, Killer reminds his captain how crazy it is to break in through the front lines, but Kid says they will be fine as long as Heat's group, which got separated from the two, isn't found. Before the Beasts Pirates can fight him, they get distracted when they learn Kaido is looking for his son, allowing Kid to strike back.

At Luffy's location, Ulti nuzzles Page One and worriedly asks if he is alright, to his annoyance. She angrily yells at Luffy for hurting him only for Luffy to remind him that she was riding him down the stairs like a sled when he saw them. Ulti asks what group he comes from before her subordinates reveal he is an intruder. Luffy confirms this by introducing himself and saying he will become the Pirate King. The Beasts Pirates laugh at that claim considering their location and Ulti jumps into the air preparing a headbutt, yelling that the only one who will be Pirate King is Kaido. She unleashes an Ul-Zugan on Luffy's head which he matches with his own. The clash creates an explosion that blows several pirates away as they commented on how Ulti's headbutt is so strong it is like a cannon firing, and that with the hole she made in the ground, she must have crushed Luffy's skull to pieces.

To their surprise though, both Ulti and Page One transform into their dinosaur-hybrid forms, as Ulti is revealed to have eaten the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pachycephalosaurus. Their subordinates ask why they did so and Ulti answers that it is because she acknowledges his skill. Her subordinates insist she got him, but she retorts that she senses a powerful Haki. Sure enough, Luffy gets out of the rubble while acknowledging Ulti's strength and reminding himself he needs to be careful. He charges at Ulti and grabs her by the horns before slamming her into the ground. Page One charges at Luffy but dodges him and gets underneath him as he uses his Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun to smash his head into the ceiling. Ulti transforms into a full Pachycephalosaurus and grabs Luffy, all the while the other pirates worry the keep won't survive the confrontation. Ulti prepares another headbutt while Luffy tries to go into Gear Fourth, but suddenly, he senses someone's arrival, and immediately, a new person knocks out Ulti using the same move Kaido used to defeat Luffy previously: Raimei Hakke.

The pirates recognize the man as Yamato as they try scrambling to capture him for Kaido. Yamato asks if Luffy if he is who he thinks he is. When he confirms, Yamato grabs him and runs away from the pirates chasing him. Yamato says to Luffy that he won't hurt him and Luffy believes him, having sensed no ill intentions prior. Luffy explains that he needs to keep moving but Yamato says he has been waiting for him. He introduces himself as Kaido's son, which shocks Luffy.

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