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Chapter 985 is titled "New Onigashima Project".

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Color Spread - Luffy, Kid, and Law having a meal on the back of giant macaws. Luffy and Kid fight over an onigiri while Law shares his with smaller macaws.

Short Summary[edit | edit source]

The Scabbards and Izo find Kanjuro, who tells them about Momonosuke's attempt to run from him. Kikunojo engages in combat with Kanjuro, whereas the Scabbards and Izo fight his forces. In the ceiling, Yamato tells Luffy about her desire to be free and to leave on his ship, when suddenly Kaido initiates his speech about the New Onigashima Project. Big Mom enters the festival, revealing she subjugated Zeus, Nami and Carrot.

Kaido and Big Mom divulge their plan to obtain the One Piece. This plan includes dominating Wano, which leads to Kaido beheading Orochi and communicating to everyone that his son will be the next shogun. Luffy and Yamato fall from the ceiling, and Yamato becomes furious upon hearing this.

Long Summary[edit | edit source]

At the rear entrance of Onigashima, Kanjuro impedes the Scabbards' progression, claiming he was already convinced of their arrival due to knowing how persistent they are, despite the lack of evidence for an infiltration. Accompanying Kanjuro, there are Beasts Pirates and two decapitated horsemen created by his ability. On the opposite side, stand Inuarashi, Ashura Doji, Nekomamushi, Kikunojo, Izo, Kawamatsu and Raizo. Izo acknowledges the beheaded samurai, which Kanjuro created to mock the Scabbards.

After Raizo demands Momonosuke's release, Kanjuro tells them how the boy tried to escape by using a dagger, ending up cutting Kanjuro's palm slightly. As a response, Kanjuro knocked Momonosuke unconscious with several punches, enough to later be surprised by the child's survival. Proceeding with his monologue, Kanjuro discloses Momonosuke's imminent public execution. While Kanjuro speaks, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi pay attention to Nekomamushi's new prosthetic gun instead.

Kikunojo puts her mask on, now fully wearing her samurai outfit, and interrupts Kanjuro's speech, claiming the wounds her katana provokes do not fade away in the afterlife, and as snow that remains in the spring, they will torment his soul for eternity. Kanjuro accepts the challenge and prepares for her onslaught. They clash, Kikunojo's sword against Kanjuro's giant ink brush. Subsequently, the Scabbards prepare to engage in combat with the Beasts Pirates. As they decimate their opponents, Nekomamushi observes that Inuarashi's leg is now a sword, which Inuarashi promptly uses to cut his enemies.

At the castle, Kaido's speech is about to start. Inside the ceiling, Yamato claims that, as Kozuki Oden, it logically follows that Luffy, as Ace's brother, should give her a ride on his ship. Luffy contests her pretence to be Oden, infuriating Yamato, who then replies that perhaps he is more Oden than her. This confuses Luffy, leading to Yamato explaining she cannot be Oden as long as she is not free, due to Kaido imprisoning her inside Onigashima by putting explosive handcuffs on her at the age of eight. Yamato shows doubt in the explosive properties of the device, as the one who put them on her is her own father, but reveals the fear of that possibility kept her trapped. Straight away, Luffy offers to remove the shackles and asks if Yamato is ready to fight against her father. Yamato agrees to it and discloses her desire to do so comes from Kaido beating her multiple times since childhood.

The conversation is interrupted by Kaido's speech. Yamato and Luffy bend one of the ceiling's slabs to watch the projection. Kaido initiates by recognizing Whitebeard's war two years ago has caused commotion in the world. He claims that the disbandment of the Shichibukai means the World Government is confident their new force is capable of stopping them. As such, he has decided to ally with Big Mom to gather the Ancient Weapons.

Hearing her name, Charlotte Linlin appears in courtesan's clothes and with a newly created army of homies, with Prometheus on her left side and Zeus being held by her as a fan. Her rapid appearance throws some Beasts Pirates in the air and terrifies the rest. Nami and Carrot are subjugated by Big Mom; Robin and Jinbe notice them.

Kaido points out Big Mom's tardiness, but she lively dismisses it, as she is on time. They continue their announcement, now shouting in unison that their objective is to claim the One Piece. Kaido reveals they plan to create a world of violence with the Ancient Weapons. Orochi is pleased by the announcement. Luffy, on the other hand, is irritated, as the One Piece is what he plans to get.

The second part of Kaido's speech is addressed at Orochi's followers. As Wano is a land with waterfalls as natural defense, and with the populace of the Flower Capital as a labor force, Kaido plans to expand the weapons factories and create a paradise for pirates. Orochi is outraged by this, claiming the Flower Capital is his territory and that he is allowing Kaido to produce the weapons in the first place. Immediately, Kaido grabs King's sword and beheads Orochi.

Commotion starts as the public sees Orochi falling, and Kaido gives an ultimatum: in five seconds, Orochi's followers must choose either to rebel or serve him. Kaido reveals he has no interest in the country's history and punches the cross where Momonosuke is tied to, bringing it to the attention of Luffy, who shouts for the boy's name. As this happens, the ceiling breaks, causing Luffy and Yamato to fall into the Live Floor.

Back at the rear entrance, Kikunojo is crying and her sword is dripping blood. In the castle, Kaido shouts that he will create a pirate empire with Onigashima as the new Flower Capital and that Wano will cease to exist, renaming it New Onigashima, with his son Yamato as the next shogun. Yamato is infuriated at her father's words and runs alongside Luffy to his location. Luffy is concerned about Momonosuke.

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