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Chapter 986 is titled "My Name".

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"Gang" Bege's Oh My Family Vol. 31: "Escaping the Marines and the Weird Man Calling Himself Our Father!!"

Pound's daughters and the Fire Tank Pirates leave him behind.

Short Summary

Kin'emon and Denjiro reunite with the other Nine Red Scabbards as Kanjuro lies defeated, and the duo reunite with Izo as the Scabbards head into Kaido's fortress. As Luffy and Yamato head toward the Performance Stage, Luffy uses his advanced Busoshoku Haki to tear off Yamato's exploding handcuffs.

Onstage, Kaido gives the Orochi Oniwabanshu and Mimawarigumi the choice between joining his crew or dying, and both Fukurokuju and Hotei quickly pledge their allegiance to him. Kaido then gives Momonosuke the opportunity to deny being a member of the Kozuki Family, as he cannot believe the boy is the son of Oden. However, Momonosuke musters the courage to proudly declare his heritage. Right as Kaido prepares to execute him and Luffy and Yamato arrive near the stage, the Nine Red Scabbards come bursting in and shout "Sunacchi" as they strike Kaido.

Long Summary

Kin'emon and Denjiro's group makes it to the rear entrance of Onigashima, and the Guardians wish them farewell as the duo climb up the stairs to Kaido's fortress. They reach the top to find the other Nine Red Scabbards waiting for them silently, with Kanjuro and his men lying defeated on the ground. The Scabbards shed tears over Kanjuro as they remember the times they shared together in Oden's service, and Kin'emon puts his kasa on his fallen former comrade's head as he walks by him. Izo remarks that he knows this must have been hard for the duo, and Kin'emon and Denjiro are shocked to see him here. Kin'emon greets Izo, who is intent on making his last stand here after missing previous chances for a meaningful death.

Inside the Skull Dome, Kaido gives Orochi's subordinates the choice between joining him or dying, saying he would praise the samurai if they remain loyal to the deposed shogun as their code dictates and give up their lives. However, both Fukurokuju and Hotei quickly pledge the Orochi Oniwabanshu and Mimawarigumi's services to Kaido, and Hyogoro openly reacts in anger to their lack of warrior's pride. Big Mom is relieved to have this issue dealt with, and orders her homies to keep Nami and Carrot restrained. Nami places her trust in Shinobu to save Momonosuke, and as Shinobu moves stealthily through the crowd, she notes that Oden knew all along that killing Orochi would change nothing and their real enemy is Kaido.

Kaido then addresses Momonosuke, questioning how a cowardly boy like him could be the son of someone like Oden. Since Momonosuke had never answered when he asked for his name 20 years ago, Kaido gives the boy the chance to confess that he is not part of the Kozuki Family. Meanwhile, Luffy reveals to Yamato that the boy onstage is Momonosuke and that his retainers are all still alive. Luffy then moves to take off Yamato's handcuffs like he had promised, and he successfully uses his advanced Busoshoku Haki to damage them from the inside, allowing him to tear them off and throw them aside. Meanwhile, Who's-Who and Ulti receive a report that Yamato and Luffy are heading toward the Performance Stage, and elsewhere, Usopp turns around the transformed Brachio Tank V to head toward the stage despite Chopper's worries, telling him to trust in the iron machine's exterior even as Chopper spots giants around them. Some drunken Beasts Pirates spot the Nine Red Scabbards heading toward them but are quickly taken out, and Zoro, Kid, and Law continue to hold their own as well.

Back onstage, Momonosuke remembers his heritage and responsibility and boldly declares that he is indeed Kozuki Momonosuke, the man who will become the shogun of Wano. The Beasts Pirates immediately break out in laughter, and as Kaido gets ready to execute him, Momonosuke starts crying as he regrets not being able to be a man worthy of facing his father and mother in the afterlife, as well as not having been able to see his sister Hiyori again. Right then, a massive explosion occurs in front of the stage from Yamato's handcuffs, both Luffy and Yamato are propelled forward by it. Yamato is appalled that Kaido's threat of killing them was true and declares that they no longer think of him as a father. However, Luffy keeps Yamato from approaching Kaido in order to wait for the Scabbards to arrive and officially start the battle. Right as he says this, the Scabbards come bursting in behind Kaido, and the All-Stars are shocked at their arrival. Izo quickly shoots King's sword out of his hand, and as the Scabbards ready their weapons, Nekomamushi is able to hit Kaido's kanabo out of his hand. Kaido is surprised to see Denjiro among the Scabbards, and as they charge toward him, he proclaims that their swords can do nothing to him. However, the Scabbards resolve to abandon their name and wits and so leap toward Kaido with a fury that makes him remember Oden and his fight with him 20 years ago. As the Beasts Pirates realize that the situation is getting serious, the Scabbards shout "Sunacchi" as they force Kaido off the stage and impale their blades into him.

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