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Chapter 994 is titled "My Other Name is Yamato".

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"Gang" Bege's Oh My Family Finale: "The blissful ship sails on through celebration cannons".

The Fire Tank Pirates' ship continues sailing as a Marine ship pursues them.

Short Summary

The Scabbards quickly attend to Kikunojo's injury, and Kaido transforms back to his human form. Inside the Skull Dome, alliance members and Beasts Pirates alike become afflicted with Ice Oni, which will kill them in an hour without treatment. Queen decides to publicly give Scratchmen Apoo the antidote, and Zoro leads the charge on the Supernova. Meanwhile, Shinobu and Momonosuke become acquainted with Yamato as the latter protects them from the Beasts Pirates.

Long Summary

Inuarashi orders his men to get away from the roof as Kin'emon uses his Kitsunebi-ryu to cauterize Kikunojo's severed arm, who manages to get back up thanks to it. Kaido says that that is how samurai should behave and states that he likes them, similar to how Roger and Whitebeard did too. He changes back into his human form and says that it is not with the advancement of the times that perfects humans, but in death. He asks if the samurai are ready to finish the fight but Kin'emon retorts that dying at his hand would bring no honor to any of them.

Inside the castle on the first floor, Luffy, Sanji, and Jinbe manage to reach the floor before being confronted by two new Shinuchi named Fourtricks and Hamlet, who have eaten SMILEs that give them the appearances of a chicken and a giraffe, respectively. The two of them confidently say they can take care of the three of them before getting easily defeated by Sanji and Jinbe who yell that the way the animals spawned on their bodies is annoying, as the chicken was sprouting out of Fourtricks' back with his head near its rear and Hamlet's body is the head of the giraffe.

On the Live Floor, Queen's Ice Oni continues to spread to various people, including the Beasts Pirates themselves. Several of them yell to Queen why he dragged them into this but Queen retorts that since they are Pleasures, it gives them a chance to do something other than smiling and laughing. The samurai on both sides try to fend off the demons as Hyogoro sees Omasa has become infected. Omasa attempts to kill himself to prevent himself from injuring his comrades but Hyogoro stops him, saying to not lose hope and to wait until they find a cure, and only when that fails will he give him an honorable death. Chopper, Brook, and Robin try to hold off the demons as Chopper says he will not be able to concoct a cure and administer it to everyone infected in the middle of this fight, but he does know that the one who made the virus is present, and he deduces he must have a cure on him and if they secure it they can mass produce it. Brook acknowledges this to be a difficult task since Queen is an All-Star as Chopper reveals he is more concerned about the after-effects of this virus and the toll it will most likely take on the human body.

Robin asks what will happen if they are left as they are, and Queen answers that all infected will die within the hour, all the while laughing sadistically at this exciting show. Even Scratchmen Apoo is left repulsed by Queen's weapon and tries to escape the floor, but Queen hands him off the only antidote in the world and tells him he will be executed if he lets them get it. Queen announces that he is starting a new game in where everyone can chase after Apoo to claim the antidote and if he escapes within the hour, he will live and everyone dies. Zoro is told by Chopper to claim the antidote while the samurai and pirates gun for it as well to prevent their enemies from recovering. Apoo curses Queen for putting him in this situation.

At the Right-Brain Tower, Sasaki states that Yamato will not be able to escape him and that until Momonosuke dies, their mission will not end. The young boy asks who Yamato is, while Shinobu asks Yamato to protect Momonosuke. Yamato promises to save Shinobu as well and reveals that they were present that day twenty years ago during Oden's execution. Yamato admits to being moved to tears by Shinobu's speech that day and by the story of Oden's life. Yamato is blasted by Sasaki's troops but remains unfazed. Yamato confesses to racing to Kuri Castle to save Momonosuke but could not do anything to help him. Yamato blows away one of the pirates and formally introduces themself as Yamato, and that they are prepared to die for him.

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Chapter Notes

  • This is the last chapter of the cover story "Gang" Bege's Oh My Family.
  • Kin'emon cauterizes Kikunojo's wound.
  • Luffy, Sanji, and Jinbe reach the first level of the castle.
  • The Ice Oni plague is spreading to both sides of the war.
    • Omasa is infected by the virus, and he was going to kill himself before Hyogoro stops him by convincing him to wait until they can secure the antidote.
    • Queen reveals that those infected will die in one hour.
    • Queen gives Apoo the antidote and gives everyone the challenge of taking it from him.
      • Chopper sends Zoro to secure the antidote from Apoo.
      • Apoo is threatened with death should he fail to protect the antidote.
  • Yamato fights off Sasaki's squad to protect Momonosuke.
    • Momonosuke and Shinobu formally meet Yamato.


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