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Chapter 995 is titled "A Kunoichi's Oath".

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Cover Page Request: "Luffy tries to study, but he quickly becomes bored." - PN Aruku Mama from Setagaya

Short Summary

Marco clashes with Big Mom and Perospero tries to finish him off, but is suddenly attacked by Carrot and Wanda in their Sulong forms. Big Mom decides to leave, and heads to the Live Floor where the Ice Oni are spreading. Scratchmen Apoo tries to hold off the people pursuing him for the antidote, but has his hands full with Zoro and Drake; meanwhile, Chopper realizes that he has contracted the virus.

Elsewhere, Ulti and Page One are overwhelming Usopp and Nami, with Usopp's attacks doing little against them. After knocking out Usopp with a headbutt, Ulti agrees to let Nami live if she denies that Luffy will become the Pirate King. However, Nami refuses, and Ulti is suddenly prevented from attacking her by the arrival of Tama and Komachiyo.

Long Summary

Marco clashes with Big Mom as she demands he stay out of her way. Marco says to her that he doesn't know what role he will play in this war, but he does know how dangerous a person she is. Prometheus, who Big Mom used to attack, ends up getting hurt by Marco's flames, which he says is because a phoenix's flames have special properties. Nevertheless, Big Mom manages to grab him by the neck leaving him open to be shot by Perospero with a candy arrow. Perospero mockingly apologizes to Marco for siding with his mother before confessing that there were times in the past he had wanted to kill him more than now. Just before he can strike him however, he gets slashed across the face by Wanda and Carrot in their Sulong forms.

Carrot confirms to Wanda that Perospero is the one to blame for Pedro's death and despite him retorting that Pedro blew himself up, the two say that his death ultimately brought them together to this battle. After they confirm that Marco is a friend of Nekomamushi, Big Mom decides to return to the Live Floor riding an unconscious Prometheus and Zeus. She yells that she doesn't have time to deal with petty squabbles and tells Marco if he wants her dead, he has to do it another time because she doesn't have the soul weapons to spare on him now. Wanda and Carrot tell Marco to chase after her just as Marco notices someone turning into an Ice Oni.

On the Live Floor, Scratchmen Apoo manages to dodge a strike from Zoro as his subordinates ask him to give them the antidote. Apoo reminds them that if he does, he will die himself and he continues to run while blasting away his pursuers with his Devil Fruit. Zoro and Drake manage to catch up to him and strike him simultaneously, but he blocks them with his tonfas. Zoro tells Apoo that he wants to join Kin'emon up on the dome and fighting him is merely a delay, while Drake reminds Apoo that he has always hated him, which Apoo says is a mutual feeling. Queen curses Drake for immediately siding with the Beasts Pirates' enemy as he looks through the Straw Hat's wanted posters, remarking that one of Vinsmoke Judge's sons is among their group.

Meanwhile, Brook ends up getting touched by the infected Oni, but is completely fine. Chopper deduces it is because Brook has no skin, blood, or warmth, and while that upsets him, it does make him invincible. Chopper also begins to wonder how the Ice Oni virus is able to cause chilling from within the body before Robin points out that he has gotten infected too.

Elsewhere, Usopp strikes Ulti with his Midori Boshi: Devil which catches her in its mouth. She begs for Page One to help her and while he destroys the plant, he adds she could have gotten out of that on her own. He unleashes Midori Boshi: Take Jave-rin on Page One, but Ulti tears through it and strikes him with Ul-Zugan, cracking his skull. After defeating him, Ulti walks over to Nami and picks her up as she begs for her life. Ulti tells Nami that she is upset because Luffy told her that he would become the Pirate King. Nami continues to beg claiming he is an idiot and that she and the others will leave the island, so Ulti demands she say that Luffy will never become the Pirate King. Nami agrees to say it and Usopp tells her to lie since saying the wrong thing will cost her her life after coming all this way. Nami, however, declares that Luffy will never stop until he becomes the Pirate King.

Hearing her answer, Ulti angrily tells Nami to die, but before she can headbutt her, she gets chomped down on by the timely arrival of Komachiyo with Tama riding on his back.

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