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Chapter 99 is called "Luffy Died".


Volume: 11 Pg.: 165

Diary of Coby-Meppo Vol. 15: " Obstruction of Obstruction of Bombardment".

The Marine that was with the Vice Admiral slices Coby's guns into pieces.

Short Summary

While Luffy is about to be beheaded by Buggy, when asked for his last words, he claims that he will be the next pirate king and starts smiling accepting his fate. This makes a big impression on Smoker who remembers Roger's execution at the same place, 22 years ago.

Luffy's life was not saved by Zoro and Sanji who are fighting the pirates in order to reach their captain, but by a storm that came to Loguetown. When Buggy's sword touches Luffy's neck, they are struck by lightning. Luffy, being made of rubber is not effected by the lightning, survived it and laughs at his luck. He, Zoro, and Sanji starts to run after their ship before they could be caught by the Marines.

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Chapter Notes

  • Luffy smiles before his execution, but he escapes due to the weather.


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