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CharaColleCan From TV Animation One Piece is a series from Bandai where a 14 cm tall figure is placed inside a plastic can showing a wanted poster of the contained character. The base of the can can rotate to let the figure be seen at every angles. At a side of the base, there is a little window from where several pictures taken from the anime are showed during base rotation. Each can were sold at ¥399.

The name CharaColleCan comes from the contraction of Character Collection Can.


Released late November 2002, it came along 23 cans, 2 secrets included, and an extra can of Pandaman, making a total of 24 cans:

CharaColleCan Ace.png
CharaColleCan Buggy.png
CharaColleCan Chopper.png
CharaColleCan Crocodile.png
Mr. 0 Crocodile
CharaColleCan Karoo.png
CharaColleCan Kung-Fu Dugong and Chopper.png
Chopper and a Kung-Fu Dugong
CharaColleCan Luffy.png
CharaColleCan Luffy Arabasta Arc Outfit.png
CharaColleCan Mihawk.png
CharaColleCan Miss All Sunday.png
Miss All Sunday /
Nico Robin
CharaColleCan Nami.png
CharaColleCan Sanji.png
CharaColleCan Shanks.png
CharaColleCan Smoker.png
CharaColleCan Tashigi.png
CharaColleCan Usopp.png
CharaColleCan Vivi.png
CharaColleCan Zeff.png
CharaColleCan Santoryu Zoro.png
CharaColleCan Zoro.png
Zoro B
CharaColleCan Bon Kurei as Luffy.png
Mr. 2 Bon Kurei impersonating Luffy (secret)
CharaColleCan Doskoi Panda Sanji and Bon Kurei as Luffy.png
Sanji Doskoi Panda version (secret), wearing a nice Doskoi Panda apron
CharaColleCan Pandaman.png
Pandaman (not sold)
CharaColleCan Pandaman Figure.png
Pandaman (not sold)

Pictures mostly taken from there (additional pictures available):

Reference in Bandai catalog:

CharaColleCan Part 2

Released in March or April 2003, this second part held 12 cans, 1 secret included:

CharaColleCan Arlong.png
CharaColleCan Chaka.png
CharaColleCan Chopper and Matsuge.png
CharaColleCan Don Krieg.png
CharaColleCan Hatchan.png
CharaColleCan Luffy 2.png
CharaColleCan Pell.png
CharaColleCan Smoker 2.png
CharaColleCan Usopp and 5t Hammer.png
Usopp and his 5t hammer
CharaColleCan Vivi 2.png
CharaColleCan Zoro 2.png
CharaColleCan Hiriluk & Chopper.png
Hiriluk & Chopper (secret)
CharaColleCan Chopper & Hiriluk.png
Hiriluk & Chopper (secret)

Pictures mostly taken from there:

CharaColleCan Part 3

Released in May 2003, the final part was about 12 cans, 1 secret included. The line-up is as followed:

CharaColleCan 2.png
CharaColleCan and Figures.png
CharaColleCan Dr. Kureha & Chopper.png

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