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For the World Noble, see Charlos.

Charles is a resident of Kogyoku Village and a member of the "Anti-Marine" faction on Jail Island. He made his first appearance in the game One Piece: World Seeker.[1]


Charles is an average-sized man with a tan complexion, round eyes, a thin mustache, and a goatee. He has slicked-back brown hair and a predominant widow's peak.

He wears a grey sleeveless shirt with a deep neckline, a pale green scarf, and a tide neckless. He also wears a brown sash around his hips, brown shoes with black laces, and brown pants that are tucked behind the tongues of his shoes.


As a member of the Anti-Marine faction, Charles strongly opposes the Marines. He was impressed by Zoro's abilities so much that he wanted Zoro to join his faction to protect the island from pirates. He cares deeply about the safety of Jail Island and its people, but he is unwilling to compromise with members of the Pro-Marine faction, who he sees as enemies.[1]


Roronoa Zoro

Charles was greatly impressed by Zoro's strength and wanted the pirate to join the Pro-Marine faction. He was shocked and disappointed when Zoro refused to join either side and became defensive when Zoro challenged Charles' allegiance to his faction compared to the safety of the island and its people. Charles abandoned the idea of Zoro joining and left.[1]


As a member of the Anti-Marine faction, Charles sees Henry, a member of the Pro-Marine faction, as an enemy. The two got into an argument over who Zoro should affiliate with, and while both have a deep commitment to Jail Island and the safety of its people, they could not compromise and work together for everyone's sake.[1]


One Piece:World Seeker

Trying to get back to Kohaku Harbor to deliver medicine to Chopper, Zoro got lost and wandered through Kogyoku Village. Charles witnessed him defeat a group of drunken Marines who were harassing other villagers.

When Luffy came to the town to look for Zoro Charles told him about how Zoro passed through earlier and defeated the Marines. Charles and Luffy each went searching for Zoro, and when Charles arrived at Halcom Port, he witnessed Luffy and Zoro defeat both Marines and pirates. He asked Zoro to join the Anti-Marine faction but got into an argument with Henry, who wanted Zoro to join the Pro-Marine faction. The two began to argue over Zoro, but when he told them that he didn't have a reason for fighting the Marines and pirates he encountered, they were both disappointed that he couldn't help them protect the island. When Luffy proposed that Charles and Henry work together instead, they scoffed at the idea. Zoro challenged them by asking if they would rather everyone on the island die, and the two men, defensive and frustrated, left in a huff.


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