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Charlotte Anglais[4] is the 42nd son and 78th child of the Charlotte Family and a member of the Big Mom Pirates.[1][2]


Anglais's concept art from the anime.

Anglais is a young boy with dark hair styled into a punch perm. He wears a dark jacket over a light shirt, as well as dark pants. There is a fin-like protrusion on his back.[4]

He is commonly seen riding a motorized metal-caterpillar with handlebars.


Anglais appears to be childishly rebellious, making a point while talking to his older siblings to refuse to brush his teeth. He speaks like a stereotypical delinquent. He is, however, loyal to his family, as he reported to his sibling that there was an intruder.[4]


Four Emperors Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

Anglais was with several of his siblings in the Whole Cake Chateau when Charlotte Linlin went to meet with the Vinsmoke Family. As she departed, Anglais was seen holding the handlebars of his ride.[1]

Later, Anglais rode into the Prisoner Library on a caterpillar to report to some of his older siblings that there was an intruder in the Room of Treasure.[4]


  • His name possibly comes from Crème anglaise, a rich egg custard. This follows the eating/food-themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates.
  • His use of a "motorcycle", his style of hair and clothing, and his manner of speaking is reminiscent of a bōsōzoku or greaser.
  • Anglais was ranked by his older siblings as their favorite younger brother.[5]


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