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Charlotte Moscato is the 16th son and 25th child of the Charlotte Family[2] and the eldest triplet brother of Mash and Cornstarch.[5] He also is an executive of the Big Mom Pirates[4] and serves as Totto Land's Minister of Gelato (ジェラート大臣 Jerāto Daijin?),[2] governing over Ice Island.[5]


Moscato's concept art from the anime.

Moscato has a thick torso with comparatively thin arms and legs. His face is long and unshaven, and he has pink and blue hair slicked upward at the front, in the shape of a pompadour. He wears a dark blue jacket with tasseled, ice cream-shaped pauldrons and a thick belt with "SM" (his initials) printed on the buckle over a striped suit.[1] After being attacked by Big Mom, he had a bandage wrapped around his forehead and one on his neck.[3]


Moscato cares about Sweet City and attempted to prevent his mother from eating it during one of her craving-induced rampages. However, upon realizing that his mother would kill even him if he got in her way, Moscato tried to flee in terror.[1] He is loyal to his crew and family in spite of his mother's actions, as shown by his involvement in chasing after the Straw Hat Pirates.[3]

Abilities and Powers

As the Minister of Gelato, Moscato is in charge of procuring and distributing gelato to whoever needs it, and has authority over Ice Island of Totto Land.[2]

He was able to jump back and dodge one of his mother's punches, though he was otherwise powerless to stop her rampage.[7]


Moscato carries a long sword with a handle shaped like an ice cream cone on his back.[7]


Yonko Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

Moscato’s lifespan is stolen by Big Mom during one of her craving-induced rampages.

When Charlotte Linlin experienced a craving for croquembouche, she went on a rampage and started devouring everything in Sweet City in an attempt to satisfy it. Moscato attempted to calm his mother, promising to get her croquembouche as soon as possible, but she did not recognize him and attacked him. When Moscato tried to flee, Big Mom stole forty years of his life, leaving him incapacitated and stated to be dead.[1] After Big Mom left to speak with Jinbe, Moscato's body was carried away by the island's citizens while Big Mom's Incarnations collected his stolen years.[8]

Some time later, Moscato recovered and three days later, he was on the Queen Mama Chanter when it attacked the Straw Hat Pirates on the Thousand Sunny. He expressed his shock as the Sunny was replaced with the Sun Pirates' ship before it could be destroyed.[3]


  • Muscat (Moscato in Italian) is a variety of grape used for wine, table grapes, and raisins. This follows the food-themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates.
  • Gelato is the Italian word for "ice cream", and is used in English for ice creams made in the Italian style.


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