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For the Marine commodore of the 77th Branch, see Pudding Pudding.

Charlotte Pudding is the 35th daughter and the 76th child of the Charlotte Family,[2] an officer of the Big Mom Pirates,[3] and a hybrid between a human and a member of the Three-Eye Tribe.[8] She also works as a chocolatier and the owner of cafe "Caramel" on Cacao Island,[4] as the candidate for the vacant position of Minister of Chocolate (チョコレート大臣, Chokorēto Daijin?).[9] She was once Sanji's arranged fiancée, per the political agreement between their families.[2] She is currently held captive by the Blackbeard Pirates.[10]

Due to her actions and role, she was initially a major antagonist in the Whole Cake Island Arc, but after genuinely falling in love with Sanji, this changed as she tried to help the Straw Hat Pirates escape from her mother, Charlotte Linlin.[11] She is also a supporting character in the Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion cover page serial.[12]


Pudding is a teenage girl with round, reddish brown eyes (blue in the manga), and prominent lips. She is somewhat short, shown to be about one head shorter than Sanji (who is 180 cm) when standing directly in front of him. She has light brown hair styled with pigtails in the back and side-swept bangs in the front. Her most defining feature is her third eye on her forehead, which is usually covered by her bangs.[1]

As a child, she had shorter hair tied in two pigtails. She wore a pink dress with a floral pattern, and later a red dress with a white-colored collar.

In her first appearance in the Fish-Man Island Arc, her hair was styled slightly differently, being tied into a single ponytail on the top of her head and lacking her bangs, exposing her third eye. She wore a revealing pink blouse along with an orange corset, puffy red pants, red suspenders, and matching red shoes.[1] In the photograph of her that Vito showed Sanji, she wore a blue outfit decorated with a floral pattern.[13] When she first encountered the Sanji Retrieval Team at Cacao Island, she wore a frilly light-purple top with a pink stripe down the middle and puffy, light-purple pants.[4] While she was at a bridal store in Sweet City, she wore a light-purple dress. At the Whole Cake Chateau prior to the wedding, she wore a light pink dress. During her "wedding" with Sanji, she wore a white bridal outfit with roses on both side on her hair.[14] When she returned to Cacao Island to make the substitute wedding cake, Pudding changed her outfit into a chef's attire, which includes a chef's hat and an apron. Her chef outfit has a knee-length dark-colored skirt. When she parted ways with Sanji, Pudding wears a cloak. After gotten captured by the Blackbeard Pirates, Pudding wore a white shirt and black pants with the purple suspenders.



Pudding's Three Eyes
Pudding with her third eye exposed.
Pudding Regular Manga Color Scheme
Pudding's color scheme in the manga.
Pudding Manga Color Scheme
Pudding's color scheme in her wedding dress in the manga.
Charlotte Pudding First Outfit as a Child
Pudding's first outfit as a child.
Charlotte Pudding as a Child
Pudding's second outfit as a child.
Charlotte Pudding Fish-Man Island Arc Outfit
Pudding's outfit during the Fish-Man Island Arc.
Charlotte Pudding Photograph
Pudding in the photograph sent to Sanji.
Charlotte Pudding Casual Outfit
Pudding's first outfit during the Whole Cake Island Arc.
Pudding Dress Shopping
Pudding's second outfit during the Whole Cake Island Arc.
Charlotte Pudding Dress
Pudding's third outfit during the Whole Cake Island Arc.
Charlotte Pudding in Her Wedding Dress
Pudding in her wedding dress in the anime.
Pudding's Chef Outfit
Pudding in her chef outfit.
Pudding's Disguise at Cacao Island
Pudding's disguise at Cacao Island.
Pudding Cover Story Outfit
Pudding Egghead Outfit
Pudding's outfit during the Egghead Arc.

Video Games[]

Pudding Chocolat Town Thousand Storm
Pudding's Chocolat Town costume in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Pudding Wedding Dress Thousand Storm
Pudding in her wedding dress in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Pudding Cooking Clothes Thousand Storm
Pudding's chef outfit in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Pudding Halloween Thousand Storm
Pudding's Halloween costume in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Pudding Pirate Warriors 4
Charlotte Pudding Bounty Rush
Pudding in her wedding dress in One Piece Bounty Rush.
Charlotte Pudding Cooking Clothes Bounty Rush
Pudding's chef outfit in One Piece Bounty Rush.
Charlotte Pudding Jumputi Heroes
Pudding in her wedding dress in Jumputi Heroes.


Pudding Digitally Colored Manga
Pudding in her wedding dress in the Digitally Colored Manga.
Pudding Anime Concept Art
Pudding's concept art from the anime.
Log Pudding
Pudding's attire from One Piece Log Collection.
Placole Pudding
Pudding's wedding dress from Placole Wedding Collaboration Dresses.
Pudding Everyday
Pudding in One Piece Everyday.


As a child, Pudding was abused and ridiculed because of her third eye. Under her mother's rule, she decided to cover her eye with her hair, which escalated to hiding more aspects of herself. Linlin's tyranny made Pudding feel like her mother's puppet, and she was unable to go against her orders, despite internally resenting her. In truth, Pudding is very timid, sensitive, and frightful, which she flawlessly hid with her superior acting skills. She actually possesses a strong inferiority complex concerning her third eye, planted by the mocking of children during her youth, and her own mother's tactless and mean comments.[15]

Charlotte Pudding: I've deceived countless people like this!
Sanji: And were you, yourself, one of them, Pudding-chan?
— Sanji confronting Pudding's reasons.[16]

When Sanji became the first person in her life to say anything nice about her third eye, Pudding became emotional and even broke down in genuine tears, showing her true personality and preventing her from following her mother's instructions to kill Sanji.[17] Although she attempted to kill Sanji (even after he saved her life) while admitting about her true nature and that she had deceived him, Sanji surmised that Pudding was deceiving herself as much as she was deceiving others.[16]

Having been touched by Sanji's kindness, Pudding developed a genuine romantic fixation on Sanji and an 'erratic personality disorder' centered around him, which can best be described as an extreme form of tsundere. Her moods rapidly switches between her dishonest 'tsun' half, in which she openly and seemingly happily scorns Sanji (and those associated with him), to her loving 'dere' half, where she would blush and act affectionately towards him. This dichotomy of emotions confuses even Pudding, as she wonders aloud why she behaves the way she does after her emotions take hold.[11][18] Whenever she watches Sanji do something incredible, Pudding blushes heavily, even getting a nosebleed herself as seen when witnessing Sanji kick her brother Oven aside.[19] She even has developed a genuine care for Sanji's interests, as she showed concern for Luffy after hearing about his fight with Charlotte Katakuri and for Chiffon when Oven threatened her life.

Pudding's True Nature

Pudding's dark side.

Thanks to her acting skills, Pudding created a mask of a vicious and cruel person. As part of her mother's plan to assassinate the entire Vinsmoke Family, Pudding deceived Sanji into believing she loved him, taking advantage of his attraction towards her as well as his own vulnerable state of mind (caused by her family taking his friends and Zeff hostage). She also successfully deceived the Straw Hats who had come to retrieve Sanji, convincing them that she would release Sanji from their arranged marriage and help them reunite with him.[20] As part of her act, she also mocks and insults her enemies, and will simply ignore efforts to insult her back. She showed a great degree of sadism as she enjoys torturing her opponents with the horrific truth as soon as she believes she can get away with it, which is made easier by her ability to manipulate memories.[21][22]

Believing people would hate her, Pudding often reveals her third eye when playing this character. Pudding seems to find her image and popularity as a "good girl" important and wishes to keep it up. She is willing to put a lot of effort into erasing and manipulating everyone's memories to keep them from finding out her evil personality, although she wishes there was a simpler way with less work. As part of her act, Pudding appears to be a misandrist and shallow girl, with a low opinion on men, believing they are easily duped by her crocodile tears, and held Sanji's love-filled confession in low regard, treating it as though it was a joke. Pudding also vocally expressed her disgust at Sanji's swollen face, degrading it as ugly and unlovable, and considers him unworthy of being a proper prince.[22] She also does not like perverted behavior being directed towards her by people she does not care for, as she becomes filled with rage and disgust when Sanji has a nosebleed after she pretends to entice him, to the point where she is overwhelmed with a stronger urge to kill him.[23]

Pudding Cries for Sanji

Pudding feigning love for Sanji.

Away from her family, Pudding shows another personality, more closely resembling to her true self. When Pudding was first introduced, she appeared to be a benevolent and kind girl to others. She seemed to have truly loved Sanji and wanted to marry him, but understood his wishes of wanting to return to his crew, and was even willing to help his crewmates rescue him.[20] Upon realizing he was already imprisoned by Big Mom's shackles and having no one left to rely on, she swore that she would not let the marriage be hell for him.[24] This kind personality is often used to lure her victims into trusting her.



Charlotte Linlin[]

I'm one of Mama's "favorites" you know? She especially loves how good I am at acting.
— Pudding explained to Reiju that she's one of Linlin's favorite daughters.

Pudding appears loyal to her mother, who knows her real nature, her strengths, and her true value to Big Mom's plans. Pudding referred to herself as her mother's favorite, and while she sometimes tires of Big Mom's excessive pampering, she is willing to put on an act to further her mother's plans. She shares her mother's sadistic lust for violence.[21] However, like most of her siblings, she is afraid of her mother.

Deep down, Pudding despises her mother for her cruelty and for viewing her as nothing more than a doll and for being so controlling in her life. Despite favoring Pudding, Big Mom finds Pudding's third eye creepy and went as far as convincing Pudding to grow her bangs to cover it. During the ceremony, Big Mom was annoyed with Pudding's failure to kill Sanji as planned.[17] Pudding is also aware that her mother only favors her due to her potential to awaken the ability to decipher the Poneglyphs and knows that her mother's "love" for her is solely based on how useful she is. After falling in love with Sanji after the wedding, she defied her mother to save Sanji and his friends.

However, later at Onigashima, Big Mom effectively gave up on Pudding awakening her ability to decipher the Poneglyphs and now would rather capture Nico Robin alive than wait for Pudding to be able to read them.[25]

Because of her general hatred of her mother, Pudding showed little concern for her supposed death. Although she is not certain of Big Mom's status after the Raid on Onigashima she was confident in the possibility she was alive being well aware of Big Mom's strength.


Young Lola

Lola and Pudding.

Pudding talked admirably about Lola, who left Totto Land when Pudding was a child, and the two seemed to part amiably.[26] Pudding does think highly of Lola as she refused to take her place as Minister of Chocolate, believing that Lola was more fit for the role, despite the fact that Lola is a criminal in the eyes of the Charlotte Family.[9]


Daifuku Hits Pudding

Daifuku hitting Pudding for her failure.

Because of Pudding's failure to assassinate Sanji on the wedding altar, Daifuku treated her with disrespect. Daifuku considered his own younger sister to be a "useless good for nothing" for failing in her task and even slapped her away to take her place to kill Sanji himself.[16] Despite that, Daifuku did not object when Pudding volunteered to make a new wedding cake for Big Mom.[27]


When Perospero was fearing for his life after manipulating Big Mom into going after the Straw Hats, Pudding eased his worries when she came up with a plan to make another cake. Her brother expressed gratitude for her actions, which would save him from Big Mom's threat.[28]


It appears Pudding holds her sister's cooking abilities in respect, as Pudding was confident that Chiffon's assistance would help her make another wedding cake for their crazed mother.[28] During their journey to save the Straw Hats, Chiffon brought up the times they used to make cakes together, hinting that they were close. However, Chiffon was put off by Pudding's fixation on Sanji after they managed to locate him in the Seducing Woods.[11] Chiffon also acted as the voice of reason for Pudding whenever the latter's "evil" self appeared and explained Pudding's true intentions though she was exasperated by her sister's personality shifts.[18] Chiffon also scolded Pudding when she mocked Sanji after they completed the substitute wedding cake.[29] When Oven threatened Chiffon before they left Cacao Island, Pudding tried to defend her by attempting to dissuade Oven from harming her.[19]


Oven has some respect for his younger sister Pudding as he honored her request to not enter the Sweets Factory at Cacao Island while the substitute wedding cake was being made.[30] When the chefs depart with the second wedding cake, Oven allowed Pudding to pass, but he ignored her when she begged him not to harm Chiffon.[19]


Nitro and Rabiyan[]

Pudding appears to be close with her homies, Nitro and Rabiyan. They remain loyal to her, even though Pudding was helping the Straw Hats escape from her mother after the destruction of the Whole Cake Chateau.


Vinsmoke Reiju[]

Vinsmoke Reiju originally claimed that she thought of Pudding as "sweet", and would be a fitting wife for Sanji.[31] However, it is later revealed that she had long harbored suspicions about Pudding's nature, leading her to conduct her own investigations.[32] These suspicions were confirmed when Pudding caught Reiju snooping around her, leading Pudding to shoot Reiju in the leg and reveal her true nature. As Pudding gloated at Reiju, mocking Sanji in Reiju's presence and speaking sadistically about the upcoming plans to have all the Vinsmokes murdered, Reiju listened passively before replying with sarcasm, which Pudding brushed aside.[21] After further mockery directed at Reiju's family, Pudding removed Reiju's memories about their encounter, in an attempt to leave Reiju in the dark about her true personality.[22] However, Sanji, having overheard everything, told Reiju about what truly happened, thus giving Reiju confirmation about the accuracy of her suspicions.[32]

Blackbeard Pirates[]

Mama's gonna make you eat those words if she's still alive...!!
— Pudding mocking the Blackbeard Pirates

Blackbeard has sent his crew to capture Pudding and take her to him as prisoner. Pudding mocked the Blackbeard Pirates, believing that if her mother was still alive, she would make them regret capturing her, though she herself seems to be uncertain about Linlin's status after the Raid on Onigashima. The Blackbeard Pirates members mocked Pudding as they believed Big Mom is dead and were at that time fighting against one of her mother's supposed killers as well declared the new eras only happened when the old legends were torn down.


Totto Land Citizens[]

As a child, Pudding grew up in Totto Land and was subjected to repeated discrimination by the citizens due to her third eye, being scornfully insulted as a disgusting monster by adults and viciously bullied by children of her age. Eventually, these cruel experiences utterly twisted and corrupted her personality, and she ruthlessly retaliated by stabbing one of the bullies with a knife and mercilessly hunted down the rest. As an adult, due to her concealing her third eye with her bangs along with her feigning an outward personality of kindness and innocence, Pudding is extremely popular with the citizens who respectfully address her as Pudding-sama. A police officer congratulated Pudding for her upcoming marriage, stating that they all sincerely wished for her happiness. On the day of the marriage, all the citizens in Totto Land happily celebrated, expressing great joy for Pudding. Pudding herself planned to modify all their memories after the Vinsmoke Family assassination, though is dismayed by the immense amount of hard work that is required. According to Pudding, the citizens were among the countless victims she deceived.[16]

When Pudding claimed that she planned to put her sister Charlotte Chiffon into submission, the townspeople in Sweet City were shocked at the devious look she had on her face.[28] After she returned to Cacao Island, the citizens there expressed sorrow that her wedding was ruined.[33] After the baking of the substitute wedding cake was completed, Pudding received praise for her efforts.[19]


Quit dreaming, you fool! Me, marrying that little punk?! Never in a billion years!
— Pudding's true inceptive feelings for Sanji prior to the wedding.

When Big Mom formed a plan to assassinate the Vinsmoke Family, Pudding readily agreed to act as a willing bride-to-be for Sanji.[21] When Sanji arrived on Totto Land, Pudding pretended to be in love with him and acted like she wanted them to have a happy marriage together, even being receptive to making an effort to free him from the marriage.

However, Pudding really thought of Sanji as nothing more than a pawn, dismissing the prospect of marrying him.[21] She showed her utter contempt for Sanji by mocking his confession and appearance (his swollen face from being injured by his brothers), going as far as to make fun of his proposal, and pulling faces in imitation of those she thought he would make when she ultimately prepares to kill him.[22] She further calls him "ugly" and a "failure", just like his brothers do, and even considered him unworthy to be a proper prince. Unbeknownst to her, Sanji overheard her conversation with his sister, and he was very shocked when he saw her true persona and third eye for the first time, and became devastated when she revealed that she and her mother had intended to kill the entire Vinsmoke Family during the ceremony.[21] Upon listening to her mockeries and insults of him, Sanji was left with a broken heart, crying silently in the rain.[22]

On the day of the wedding, Pudding expressed dismay at the thought of her dress becoming splattered with blood after killing Sanji (whom she referred to as an "idiot").[14] Later, as she and Sanji prepared to appear at the ceremony, she continued her act in front of him. Sanji, while aware of her true nature, struggled with his natural responses to her attractiveness, which led Pudding to become internally irritated with his perverted behavior.[23]

During the ceremony, Pudding was ready to go through with her mother's plan. However, after Sanji called her third eye beautiful, she broke down, due to being unable in that moment to shoot the first person to compliment her third eye.[17] Moments later, when the cake collapsed under them, Sanji did not hesitate to save her. However, after they landed, she immediately resumed her efforts to try to kill him but failed each time. Despite finally revealing her true nature to Sanji while not knowing that Sanji was already aware before the ceremony, she is once again taken off guard after he asked her if, during her deceptions of others, she had also deceived herself.[16] Later, Pudding personally witnessed Sanji's kindness by watching him heroically saving Nami from falling as she looked in shock.[34]

Sanji and Pudding

Sanji and Pudding's new interaction after the ruined wedding.

Some time after the Straw Hats escaped from the Whole Cake Chateau, Pudding told her family she was angered by Sanji's words to her third eye and wanted revenge on him for his supposed mockery.[28] This was merely an act, as it is revealed that she has fallen in love with Sanji due to his kindness and being the first (and only) to ever say something nice about her third eye.[11] In stark contrast to her behavior towards him previously, she can no longer interact with him without blushing wildly and panicking. Motivated by her newfound feelings, she even turned on her mother for his sake and began to actively assist the Sanji Retrieval Team in escaping Whole Cake Island. However, due to also suddenly developing an erratic personality disorder, her moods switched rapidly from outwardly expressing both love and disdain for Sanji, sometimes at the same time. Despite this, however, she continued to assist Sanji and the Straw Hats even as she lapsed into her "evil Pudding" persona.[18]

Later, they are shown to cooperate well with each other while baking Big Mom a new cake, with Pudding diligently taking instructions from Sanji.[30] Pudding showed admiration for Sanji and becomes ecstatic whenever he does something amazing such as creating a special ingredient that made a chef faint with bliss, saving Chiffon from Oven, and lifting the carriage holding the wedding cake to Bege's ship with a kick. She was also amazed by his firm objection to Bege's suggestion to put poison or explosives inside the cake that was meant for her mother even though the latter previously tried to kill him.[35] In these moments, her reactions are no different from Sanji's reactions to her as she gets nosebleeds as well. Even though Pudding occasionally goes into her "evil" persona and speaks ill towards Sanji, he pays no mind to it.

After leaving the cake in Bege's hands, Pudding took Sanji back to the Sunny so he could reunite with his crew and later back to Cacao Island so he could help his captain. Sanji graciously thanked Pudding for her help, but Pudding became extremely flustered, wanting to avoid being mistaken as a married couple.[36] While waiting for Luffy on Cacao Island, Sanji decided to part ways with Pudding once Luffy returned and thanked Pudding again for her help. Pudding wanted to apologize to Sanji for her deception but could not bring herself to do it. Sanji also told Pudding that he was glad that she was his fiancée, causing her to become emotional again.[37] Pudding makes one last request to Sanji and takes away his cigarette before kissing him. However, she uses her Devil Fruit ability to remove the moment from his memory before leaving him without another word.[15] Sanji's departure left Pudding deeply sad and heartbroken, as she was crying while thinking about the memories she had with Sanji.

Once his brothers Niji and Yonji were captured Pudding, remembering the horrible treatment they put Sanji through his whole life, took it upon herself to angrily punch the two in the face on Sanji's behalf.

Sanji Retrieval Team[]

So don't worry. I won't be marrying Sanji. Listen. The reason why I'll never marry him... is because that snot-nosed idiot who's head over heels for me right now... is gonna get shot to death by me... during the wedding ceremony! You kids aren't gonna get out of here alive, either!
— Pudding revealing her initial plans for Sanji to Luffy and Nami.

Pudding saved Monkey D. Luffy and Tony Tony Chopper from being arrested for eating her café. Appearing as though initially not knowing who they were, she was hospitable towards Luffy's Sanji Retrieval Team as she took them to her home and fed them. She then pretended to want to help the team take Sanji back, putting on the act that she was in love with Sanji but would let him go. Pedro was the only one who did not trust her during the first meeting, due to the fact she is Big Mom's daughter, and even suggested they restrain her. His suspicions ultimately turn out to be correct.[20]

It turned out that she lured the team into the Seducing Woods, which was crawling with enemies, and when Luffy and Nami were imprisoned by the Big Mom Pirates, she gleefully revealed to them her plan to kill Sanji and that they were never meant to leave Whole Cake Island alive, which shocked and angered them. She also referred to them both as "kids" despite the fact that they were both older than her. Then she left while mocking their predicament with fake tears.[21] Brook later found out about her true nature when he was held captive by Big Mom.[38]

After the retrieval team escaped from the Whole Cake Chateau, Pudding, who had a change of heart, decided to assist them when her crazed mother was pursuing them for wedding cake. When she approached the team, Luffy was angry to see her again but was confused by her erratic personality disorder as her outward expressions rapidly switches between wanting to help them and wanting them dead. However, Pudding did aid the team by helping them reach the coast where their ship was located.[18]

While baking the cake for Big Mom, Pudding expressed her concern for Luffy's safety due to his fight with Katakuri.[30]

Abilities and Powers[]

As an officer of the Big Mom Pirates,[3] Pudding holds authority over lower-ranking members of her crew.

As a half-member of the Three-Eye Tribe, Pudding may also be capable of awakening a true power that will allow her to decipher the text on the poneglyphs, although she has stated that she may be unable to due to her mixed heritage.[8] She also intends to use her third eye as a means of a psychological attack, shocking Sanji with it during the wedding in order to create an opening for her to shoot him.

Pudding possesses a strong will as she was able to withstand a burst of Big Mom's Haoshoku Haki and stay conscious from her loud screams.[39]

Physical Abilities[]

Strength-wise, Pudding appears nowhere near the level of most of her siblings. However, she seems to have enough strength in her arms to harm individuals whose bodies had been modified to withstand heavy damage.[40] She also has extremely sharp eye sight as she could tell it was Sanji who kicked her brother Oven aside even when Sanji was moving so fast that no else noticed.[19]


  • Pudding Punch (プリンパンチ, Purin Panchi?): Pudding punches her opponent with her right arm. This was first used against Niji and Yonji while they held captive in Mont-d'Or's book. The punch struck both of them consecutively and was seemingly able to damage them despite their exoskeletons.[40]

Acting Skills[]

Pudding's Acting Skills

Pudding skillfully acting worried for Sanji's nosebleed when in truth she is disgusted with his perversion.

Pudding is a master of deceit, being an extremely skilled and talented actress with a specialty in drama and enticement, with Big Mom thinking highly of her ability and doting on her because of it.[21] Before selective targets as much as in public, Pudding can unerringly adopt the personality traits of a wholly kind, gentle, and innocent woman in vast contrast to her true self, fooling nearly anyone she wants into utter manipulation, including the citizenry of Totto Land at large and some of the Straw Hats, such as Luffy and the smart, mindful Nami and Sanji[4][20][41] (despite Luffy's and Sanji's aptitude in Kenbunshoku Haki, to the point where said three were utterly befuddled upon learning the truth); supposedly only her family is aware of Pudding's true nature. A master seductress, she uses her beauty in conjunction with such feigned persona to captivate men, particularly shown with Sanji and Brook who were completely charmed by her (as opposed to Pedro, who was not but is noted to be excessively cautious toward any stranger). More specifically, Pudding can cry at will[22][21][24][23][26][42][43] and has a knack for making overly dramatic expressions, like when she comically mimicked Sanji in ways that Nitro and Rabiyan noted were absolutely spot on.[22]

However, it would seem that it takes a lot of effort for Pudding to pull of her acts. She would require moments of when she could let loose her true emotions to others, such as when she sadistically revealed her true colors to Reiju when she began to investigate her, but only because she could use her Devil Fruit ability to wipe out her memory of it. Also, periods of great shock and emotion can disrupt her ability to fool others, such as when she was surprised and saddened when Sanji became the first person to ever compliment her third eye. And according to Sanji, of all the people Pudding had fooled with her acts, she deceived herself the most by convincing herself that she was a heartless monster with no true feelings for anyone else and nothing-else.

Culinary Expertise[]

Pudding is also an extremely talented chocolatier, as both Luffy and Chopper find the chocolate biscuits with jam fillings that formed her café to be irresistible. According to herself, it is a newly-made recipe of milk, beet sugar, and cocoa butter with texture tender to the point of melting in the mouth.[4] Her chocolate ganache is so smooth, it would slide up and out of the pot if the pots lid isn’t covering it. Pudding claims that her skill in making chocolate confectionery is superior to even the head chef of the Big Mom Pirates himself, Streusen, who is known as the finest chef in Totto Land.[28] It was due to her skill that she was requested to succeed Lola as the Minister of Chocolate.[28]


Pudding's Secret Map

Pudding's hand-drawn map of her and her siblings' secret route to Whole Cake Island.

Pudding also has cartographic skills. She was shown to be able to draw a map from her memory and give navigation instructions to the Sanji Retrieval Team on Cacao Island. Furthermore, she displayed knowledge of the New World navigation method with a Log Pose.[20]


Pudding's primary combat skills lies in marksmanship. She is skilled enough in wielding a special revolver to accurately shoot Reiju, a commander of Germa 66, in the leg. However, her skills are still limited as she could not land a hit on Sanji, an extremely skilled Kenbunshoku Haki user, even at point-blank range.

Devil Fruit[]

Further information: Memo Memo no Mi
Memo Memo no Mi Infobox

Pudding extracting Reiju's memories.

Pudding ate the Memo Memo no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to manipulate memories. She can reach into a person's head and extract memories in the form of film strips. With this power, she can afford to reveal her true intentions and motives to her enemies without compromising the plan, as well as manipulate people into doing what she wants without them asking questions.[22]

She can cut away frames to remove specific memories from a person's mind. She can then paste on new frames to add new memories, which can take the place of the removed memories. She keeps various memory frames stored in her room, so she can add them to other people's memories when she needs to.

She can also stimulate peoples old memories, thus distracting them from the current situation. She can even use this power on Homies, in which case, they remember the memories from the people whom their souls originally belonged to.


Walker Infobox

Pudding's revolver.

Pudding uses a Walker .36 Caliber Percussion revolver which is loaded with Candy Jacket bullets with extraordinary percussive power, able to penetrate the armored skeletons of the Vinsmokes.[22] Pudding intended to use it to kill Sanji during the exchange of vows, but her skills proved to be limited as Sanji was able to dodge all of her shots, from point-blank range, using Haki.[16]

Pudding picked up a kitchen knife in her cafe when she felt threatened by the Sanji Retrieval Team, waving it in "self-defense".[20] As a child, she also used a knife to get revenge on some bullies, stabbing one of them and then chasing down the others.[17]



Pudding's Past

Young Pudding being bullied by some children.

Pudding was born 16 years ago to Charlotte Linlin and an unknown father from the Three-Eye Tribe as the 76th child of the Charlotte Family.

When she was a child, Pudding was constantly bullied and ridiculed by other children for her third eye. Even her mother found her third eye unattractive and told her to grow out her bangs to hide it. During one occasion, Pudding reached her breaking point and sought revenge on her bullies by attacking them with a knife. As a result, she developed a twisted personality, since she believed that nobody would ever see her as more than a three-eyed monster. Consequently, it became more and more easy for her to hurt others without any guilt.[17]

At some point during her childhood, she talked to her sister Lola before she fled Totto Land to escape an arranged marriage. Lola told her not to worry, certain that their mother would not kill her.[26]

Big Mom and Vinsmoke Judge arranged a political marriage between Pudding and Sanji to unite the bloodlines of the Charlotte and Vinsmoke Families. The wedding was set to take place at one of Big Mom's tea parties.[2][44] However, Linlin plotted to assassinate the Vinsmoke Family in order to gain access to their advanced technology, and Pudding readily agreed to pretend to be a willing bride.[21]

Fish-Man Island Saga[]

Fish-Man Island Arc[]

Pudding was first seen with Big Mom in the Whole Cake Chateau, sitting quietly when Big Mom received a report from Bobbin that Fish-Man Island was unable to pay their candy tribute.[1]

Whole Cake Island Saga[]

Whole Cake Island Arc[]

Pudding first met Sanji sometime before the Sanji Retrieval Team. They formed an immediate mutual attraction, and Sanji taught Pudding a few things about cooking sweets. However, he also told her that he could not marry her, because it would forcibly separate him from his crew.[20]

Three days before the wedding, Pudding was on Cacao Island, where she encountered the Sanji Retrieval Team. When Luffy and Chopper were caught eating her café, Pudding came to their defense, saying that they were hired to dismantle her café. She then invited Luffy and his group into her house for tea, where Luffy accidentally let his name slip.[4]

Sanji Retrieval Team in Pudding's Home

Pudding conversing with the Sanji Retrieval Team at her home.

Pudding was surprised to discover that the group she was conversing with was from the Straw Hat Crew, while they were also shocked to learn that Pudding was Sanji's betrothed. As Pudding panicked, Pedro quickly restrained her by holding a sword to her throat, much to Nami's chagrin. After calming down, Pudding explained more about the Charlotte Family and her thoughts on Sanji. Pedro then suggested keeping Pudding bound and gagged to ensure that she would not report them to Big Mom; however, Pudding showed them a secret route to Whole Cake Island and promised to bring Sanji to them the following day. Her conversation with the team ended when guards arrived to escort Pudding, and she allowed the team to sneak away.[20]

The next day, Brook and Pedro spotted Pudding and Baron Tamago shopping for Pudding's wedding dress inside a bridal store in Sweet City. As she was given various dresses to try on, Pudding protested that she had something important to do, but Tamago besought her to prioritize choosing a dress. The staff inside the store suggested that Pudding select a gown which would appeal to her groom's tastes, but a flustered Pudding remarked that she had only met him once before.[41]

Sanji Agrees to Marry Pudding

Sanji tells Pudding he is going to marry her.

After the Vinsmoke Family arrived at Whole Cake Chateau, Pudding had a meal with them and her mother. During the meal, Pudding asked Sanji to speak with her in private. In her room, Pudding apologized to Sanji for not bringing him to Luffy as she originally planned. Sanji showed Pudding his injured face and the explosive wristlets, much to Pudding's shock. He then explained to her how his family treated him and the reason he left them in the first place as well as how they were blackmailing him into going through with the marriage. Seeing no way to escape without endangering his hands and those dear to him, Sanji explained to Pudding his intention to ask Big Mom to let his friends go in exchange for him not running away. As Pudding cried over Sanji's suffering, he hugged her and told her his decision to marry her.[42]

Sometime later, a servant informed Pudding about the Vivre Card that was retrieved from Nami. The servant also told her that Big Mom did not approve the wedding dress Pudding chose and that she should wear the one Big Mom chose for her. Pudding then stood outside on the balcony as she remembered her mother's orders and the time Lola ran away. She later went to the Prisoner Library and requested to talk to Luffy and Nami, and she entered their cell via an opening created by a bookmark. Pudding apologized for the harm her siblings had inflicted on the Straw Hats, and apologized for not meeting them on the coast like they agreed. She revealed that Sanji had proposed to her, but stated that she knew he did not truly want to marry her and so she would not marry him.[24][26] She then whispered with a sinister expression that she planned to assassinate him at the wedding, shocking and angering Luffy and Nami. Pudding then said goodbye as she left their cell in tears.[21]

Pudding Captures Reiju

Pudding captures Reiju and reveals her true nature.

Pudding later shot Vinsmoke Reiju[45] and held her prisoner. As Pudding constrained Reiju's arms using her homie Nitro, she revealed that she never wanted to marry Sanji at all, but was putting on an act to set up the Vinsmoke Family's massacre at the wedding ceremony. She mocked the Vinsmokes for falling into their trap, shrugging off Reiju's mocking comment about her true personality.[21] Pudding then revealed the gun she would use to shoot the Vinsmokes, which was loaded with candy-jacketed bullets that could penetrate their iron bodies. Pudding then looked forward to seeing Sanji's expression when she pulled the gun on him the next day, trying out various expressions of shock he might make. She told Reiju how Sanji's proposal to her went down, gleefully mocking his desperation during the scene. In order to prevent Reiju from revealing what she had told her, Pudding extracted Reiju's memories and replaced them with a memory of her being hit by a stray bullet. She then had the guards take Reiju to the infirmary.[22]

Pudding then went to the Room of Treasure where Big Mom was, and was annoyed when Big Mom immediately asked her if she had awakened her ability to read the poneglyphs. Pudding was surprised to see Brook in Big Mom's custody, but believed he would be fine, and she asked to talk to Big Mom in private.[8] While speaking with Big Mom, they discussed and went over their plan to assassinate the Vinsmoke Family.[38]

Sanji and Pudding Arrive at Wedding

Pudding and Sanji arrive at the wedding ceremony.

On the wedding day, Pudding was in her room wearing her wedding dress and commented to her homies that it would be a bother having to alter many people's memories after killing Sanji.[14] Later, in the bride and groom's waiting room, Pudding sat next to Sanji, who, despite being aware of her deceptions, struggled to contain his natural responses to her beauty. Pudding talked to him with a friendly persona, but was internally irritated by his behavior and could not wait to murder him. She and Sanji then flew into the wedding ceremony on a teacup on top of Zeus.[23][43]

Pudding Breaks Down

Pudding breaks down and is unable to shoot Sanji.

As they approached the altar, which was located atop an enormous wedding cake, Pudding was internally excited to kill Sanji. During the exchange of vows, Pudding prepared to assassinate Sanji when he lifted her veil to perform the kiss of oath. Following Big Mom's plan, Pudding revealed her third eye to Sanji, anticipating a shocked reaction from him that would give her the necessary time to shoot him. However, much to her surprise, Sanji said in admiration that her third eye was beautiful when he took a look at it up close. Remembering her painful childhood, which was plagued by bullying directed at her third eye, even by her own mother, Pudding broke down in tears. Instead of taking the shot, she collapsed onto her knees and continued to sob as chaos broke out at the ceremony.[17]

Pudding Confronts Sanji

Pudding confronts Sanji.

After duplicates of Luffy emerged from the wedding cake, Sanji grabbed Pudding and jumped off the altar as the cake collapsed.[46] After they landed, however, Pudding furiously began attempting to shoot Sanji, who dodged every shot she fired. Pudding stated that she had deceived countless people in the same way she had deceived Sanji, but she teared up and started to waver when Sanji asked her if she herself was one of those people. Her brother Daifuku then intervened, slapping Pudding aside for failing in her task before confronting Sanji himself.[16]

Luffy later caused Big Mom to start screaming. While covering her ears, Pudding watched in shock as Bege, Vito, and Gotti fired their weapons at her mother.[47] Later, as Reiju freed Nami from Smoothie's grasp, Pudding gasped as she watched Sanji catch Nami in his arms.[34]

Later, the Tamatebako fell to the base of the Whole Cake Chateau and exploded, causing the Chateau to topple over. The Big Mom Pirates were saved when Streusen used his ability to turn the falling castle into soft cake. Moments afterwards, Big Mom entered a rampage induced by a craving for wedding cake. Perospero managed to briefly divert her to the Straw Hats, and Pudding revealed that she could make a cake on Cacao Island with the help of Chiffon, whom she would force into assistance. Pudding also claimed that she regarded Sanji's compliment on her third eye as an insult, and so she planned to seek vengeance upon him.[28] While riding on Rabiyan, she later caught up with Bege and asked to speak with Chiffon. While speaking to Chiffon, Pudding claimed that she was trying to stop Big Mom in order to save Sanji and his friends.[48]

Chiffon then accompanied Pudding and the two rode on Rabiyan. They then flew to the Seducing Woods where they located Sanji, but Pudding appeared to act mysteriously different upon seeing Sanji again.[11]

Pudding Clear a Path Using Flashback

Pudding, Chiffon, and Sanji head for Cacao Island.

As the team continued fleeing from Big Mom, Pudding and Chiffon approached them. Pudding tried to tell Sanji about their mission to make a cake, but quickly impeded herself with mood swings as she went from being in love with Sanji to wanting to kill him and back. Chiffon took the lead as she petitioned for Sanji to help them make a cake to satiate Big Mom's eating disorder, and Sanji readily agreed to assist them. Big Mom wondered angrily why her daughters were consorting with the Straw Hats as she unleashed a devastating air slash that barely missed them. After Sanji hopped on Rabiyan, Pudding used her Devil Fruit powers to send memories flooding into the souls in the homies, allowing the Straw Hats to make it to the coast without trouble. The trio then flew away from Whole Cake Island, passing over the Thousand Sunny.[18]

As they approached Cacao Island, Chiffon revealed to Sanji that Lola once held the position of Minister of Chocolate before she left, and Pudding constantly refused the offer to replace her due to the belief that Lola fits the position, and she did not want to take it in case she returned. Sanji then told Pudding to get out of her hiding spot inside Rabiyan's folds. Pudding acted like she hated Sanji and claimed that she did not want to be seen next to him and be mistaken as his wife, but she became lovestruck when Sanji told her not to fall. As Pudding continued to be split on her feelings toward Sanji, the trio approached Cacao Island.[9]

The Cake Baking Commences

Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon start to make Big Mom's new wedding cake.

Pudding, Chiffon, and Sanji arrived at Chocolat Town on Cacao Island, where Sanji was hidden away inside Rabiyan's folds and Chiffon acted as though she was Pudding's prisoner. Pudding enlisted the help of Whole Cake Island's 31 most renowned head chefs, and at the Sweets Factory, she altered their memories to make them believe the wedding had gone smoothly and Big Mom's first cake had been destroyed by bad weather. The team planned to set sail in three hours and finish with the decorations by the time they deliver the cake to Big Mom. With Chiffon making the base layers, Pudding making the chocolate, and Sanji preparing a secret ingredient, the cake baking officially got underway.[33] As Pudding and the chefs worked on making the cake, they heard a commotion outside the factory but remained focused on their task. Charlotte Brûlée spoke to Pudding through a Den Den Mushi and informed her about the Straw Hats' planned rendezvous point, Luffy's battle with Katakuri, and Oven's arrival at Cacao Island. Pudding expressed concern for Luffy, but Sanji was confident that Luffy would prevail.[30] Sanji eventually completed his secret ingredient, the Simsim Cream, and Pudding was amazed at how it caused a chef to faint from the sweetness. With the baking of the cake completed, the chefs prepared to set sail.[49]

As Pudding and her group of chefs left the factory with the cake, they were met by Oven and Pudding told him of her plan. Oven allowed Pudding to pass but attacked Chiffon for her role in Bege's assassination attempt. Pudding begged Oven to stop, but he ignored her. While Pound was trying to defend Chiffon, Pudding was amazed when Sanji (who was in disguise) instantly kicked Oven away and grabbed Chiffon without anyone noticing. While on the way to the harbor, Oven caught up to them and confronted Chiffon again before deciding to use her as a hostage to force Bege to surrender. They later went to the harbor and as Bege's ship approached, Bege shot Oven in the face to free Chiffon, making Pudding concerned about angering Oven.[19] As the Nostra Castello moved onto Cacao Island with tank treads, Sanji used a kick to lift the carriage holding the chefs (including Pudding and Chiffon) and the cake onto the deck of Bege's ship. Pudding was so ecstatic that she briefly fainted. After escaping Oven and his forces, Pudding and the chefs proceeded with adding decorations to the cake.[50]

Sanji's Wedding Cake Completed

Pudding and the chefs complete the wedding cake.

On the way to the Thousand Sunny, Pudding fainted after Sanji convinced Bege not to sabotage the cake with poison or explosives.[35] Eventually, Pudding and the chefs completed the cake. As the chefs celebrated their accomplishment, Pudding briefly relapsed into her "evil" persona and mocked Sanji by telling him that he might be too late, but she snapped out of it when Chiffon scolded her.[29] While approaching the Thousand Sunny, Pudding and Sanji left the cake in Bege's hands and used Rabiyan to fly to the Sunny and join up with the Straw Hats.[51] After Sanji informed the Sunny group of the Big Mom Pirates' awareness of their rendezvous point, Pudding and Sanji went ahead to Cacao Island to help Luffy. While riding on Rabiyan, Sanji thanked Pudding for her help, causing her to become extremely flustered.[36]

Pudding's Request

Pudding kisses Sanji and then takes away the memory.

After arriving back at Cacao Island, Sanji and Pudding hid in the shadows as they saw the forces the Big Mom Pirates gathered there. Sanji told Pudding that they would be parting ways when Luffy returned and also told her that he was glad that she was his fiancee, causing Pudding to become emotional. Before ending their conversation, Pudding made one last request.[37] She kissed Sanji, who was overjoyed by this. Afterwards, she used her powers to erase his memory of it before she ran off, leaving him confused about her request.[15]

After Big Mom's craving stopped, the citizens praised Pudding. However, Pudding silently admitted to herself that the credit did not belong to her.[52] When the Straw Hats escaped Totto Land, Pudding sat in an alley and cried while thinking about Sanji.[15]

Wano Country Saga[]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

One Piece Film: Red[]

Pudding, Brûlée, and Katakuri listened to Uta's childhood song "Where the Wind Blows" from the Tone Dial.[53]

Concludes non-canon section.

Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion[]

Kuzan and Augur Kidnap Pudding

Pudding kidnapped by the Blackbeard Pirates.

After the Straw Hats escaped Totto Land, she saw that Sanji's brothers Niji and Yonji had been captured and her brother Mont-d'Or had imprisoned both of them in one of his prison books.[54] Pudding then proceeded to punch Niji and Yonji for bullying Sanji.[40] After the Vinsmokes were taken to Whole Cake Island,[55] the Blackbeard Pirates Kuzan and Van Augur arrived in Chocolat Town.[56] They abducted Pudding and froze the entire town, including Cracker who had tried to stop them. She was then taken back to the pirates' ship.[12][10]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

While the Blackbeard Pirates attacked the Heart Pirates, Pudding sat in her prison cell on the ship. When it came under attack from the Polar Tang, one of Blackbeard's subordinates boasted about their admiral's strength. Pudding countered that her mother would stop him if she was still alive, but the subordinate pointed out that Trafalgar Law was the man who supposedly killed Big Mom and stated that new eras begin when the old legends get torn down.[10]


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  • Pudding's name is a reference to the pudding, which follows the food-themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates.
  • Pudding is the third antagonist to change her ways due to Sanji's kindness. The first was Gin and the second was Viola.
  • In the 6th and 7th fan polls of most popular characters, Pudding was ranked 29th and 45th, respectively.
  • Pudding's favorite foods are raw chocolate and pudding.[5]
  • Pudding and her half-brother Katakuri are quite similar because they both have a physical trait that they are both sensitive about.
  • Pudding and Sanji are similar to each other in that they are both accomplished cooks, they are both children of royalty, they are both part of famous pirate crews, and both have suffered indignities by their own families.
  • Pudding is currently the only known member of the Three-Eye Tribe.

SBS-Based Trivia[]

  • Pudding's birthday, June 25, also known as Pudding Day, a reference to her full name.[7]
  • Pudding was ranked by her older siblings as their second-favorite younger sister, behind only Charlotte Flampe.[57]


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