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Charlotte Purin (Charlotte Pudding in some translations) is the 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family.[1]


Purin is a young woman with light hair and very large eyes. In the photograph of her that Vito showed Sanji, she wore a dark outfit with a floral pattern on it.[2]


Zou Arc

Sometime after the Straw Hat Pirates' encounter with the Big Mom Pirates off DressrosaBig Mom and Sanji's father arranged a political marriage between Purin and Sanji to unite the bloodlines of the Charlotte and Vinsmoke Families. The wedding will be held at one of Big Mom's tea parties.[1][3]


  • A nearly identical character has been shown previously affiliated with Big Mom. Since Purin has yet to show her forehead, it's unconfirmed if the two are the same. File:Big Mom Pirates Member 1.png


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