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Charlotte Snack[7] is the 25th son and 44th child of the Charlotte Family[1] and an executive of the Big Mom Pirates.[4] He also serves as Totto Land's Minister of Fries (フライ大臣 Furai Daijin?), governing over Potato Island.[5]

He was one of the crew's Four Sweet Commanders until he lost his position when he was defeated by Urouge sometime in the last two years.[3][1] He was also a member of Charlotte Oven's army to intercept the Straw Hat Pirates on Cacao Island.[1] He is the older twin brother of Bavarois.[5]


Snack is a very wide man with a long nose and dark hair tied in a bun with a hairpin through it. He wears a yellow woolen jacket resembling sheep's wool with his name printed on it, a dark red scarf with thin white stripes on it, and has armor plates on his arms. His head is rather small in comparison to his body.[1]


Charlotte Snack Portrait.png
Snack's face shown in detail.
Charlotte Snack Anime Concept Art.png
Snack's concept art from the anime.


Little is known about Snack's personality, but he is loyal to his family and crew even after he was demoted from his Sweet Commander position, as he came to Cacao Island to help fight against the Straw Hat Pirates.[1] He seems to hold a grudge and is quite vindictive against the Worst Generation after his defeat against Urouge, and noted Luffy that is also part of it, as he vowed not let them have their way upon his preparation on Cacao Island ambush him. He is also prideful of being a Sweet Commander in spite of his position of being revoked.


Big Mom Pirates

Snack was one of the Sweet Commanders and a high-ranking member of the Big Mom Pirates, and Charlotte Cracker and Big Mom retaliated with rage after Snack's defeat by Urouge, respectively sending a large fleet and storm after him.[7] He was nevertheless demoted for his defeat.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As the Minister of Fries, Snack has authority over Potato Island.

As a former member of the Sweet Commanders, Snack had great authority and power over the crew, second only to Big Mom herself. His power is reflected by his large bounty of Beli.png600,000,000.[1] However, he was defeated in combat by Urouge of the Worst Generation.[3] Consequently, he was demoted from his position as a Sweet Commander and lost the authority that came with the title.[1]


He is seen wielding a large katana, but it's unknown how proficient he is in using it.



Sometime in the last two years, Snack confronted Urouge of the Worst Generation after the latter had entered Totto Land, but was subsequently defeated in battle. Following the incident, Snack was demoted from his position,[3] but remained in the crew.[1]

Whole Cake Island Arc

Snack came to Cacao Island with many of his siblings to join Charlotte Oven in preparation to battle Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, and he noted that Luffy is part of the Worst Generation.[1] As the Straw Hats' promised rendezvous time drew near, the Big Mom Pirates prepared to ambush Luffy once he exited the Mirro-World.[8]

After Luffy exited the Mirro-Word, Snack was surprised when Germa 66 attacked the Big Mom Pirates' fleet around the island.[9] He was then preoccupied with fighting Germa's forces that he did not notice Oven's command to stop Luffy and Sanji from escaping.[10]

Snack confronts Judge.

After the Big Mom Pirates' fleet used their cannons to blow off a part of Germa's main castle, Snack appeared to confront Vinsmoke Judge.[11]

Major Battles

Anime and Manga Differences

A silhouette of Snack in the anime.

A flashback of Urouge's attempted invasion of Totto Land is added in the anime. The flashback begins showing Snack (who appears as a silhouette) collapsing from his fight with Urouge.[2]

According to the silhouette shown in the anime, Snack appears as a muscular figure that is very large, towering even over Urouge, who stands at nearly four meters. Snack wore a horned helmet and had shoulder plates with spikes on it, as well as long wild hair resembling a mane.[2]


  • A snack a small amount of food eaten between meals. This fits the food-themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates.


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